Ever wonder how ENTR electives can set you apart? Check out some insights from CFE students about their experiences in ENTR courses


Interpersonal Skills – Realize how to establish and be part of a high-performing group, focus on diverse and inclusive team culture. 

This course has been more than what I was looking for. It has been my stress buster this semester for sure. The resources provided, the lessons, and way they are taught are going to stick with me for a long time. 

Project Management & Consulting – Explore the challenges of managing complex projects with an experienced professional. 

The course really taught me great strategies for project management that have made me very successful in all the positions I’ve had since then, and a very competitive candidate during my application process. 

E-Hour – Hear influential and disruptive entrepreneurially-minded leaders.

The inspiration that you are able to get by listening to and talking with each of these highly functioning individuals is outstanding. 

Digital Product Design – Learn the total end-to-end process of discovering digital process needs.

Amazing professor and great educator! He knows what he’s talking about and has no problem sharing that knowledge with his students. 

Patent Law – Learn how to address patent law concerns.

It is a great 1-credit course for people who want to get to know patent law without going to law school. 

Entrepreneurship Marketing – Develop marketing plans for a startup company. 

I really enjoyed this class. I came in knowing essentially nothing about marketing, and now feel infinitely more comfortable with the subject.

Organizational Management in Startups – Learn the fundamentals of establishing and promoting a high-performing culture.

I love this course! I have learned more in this 2 credit class than I have in most of my other classes. The instructor is very flexible and treats us like real people, which I really appreciate. 

Entrepreneurial E-Commerce – Learn how to start your own profitable business selling consumer products online

A very interesting class that got me interested in entrepreneurship.  You get to learn the ins and outs of e-commerce entrepreneurship and with everything growing and going on right now this has obviously become one of the most important aspects of business. 

Finding Your Venture – Improve your odds of starting a viable business. 

I greatly enjoyed the structure of having two professors each with realistic experience to back up their content. They engaged with students on a personal level which added a lot to the overall experience of the class. 

Entr Practicum – Develop your entrepreneurial pursuits alongside professionals and mentors. 

One of my top favorite classes. The class splits into three projects, and is very student led where each project focuses on a specific skill set that is applicable in many ventures.

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