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Entrepreneurship Practicum

ENTR 411 (with choice of section)

This hands-on practicum course immerses students from across all 19 schools/colleges in the development of their own ideas for new ventures through the exploration of problem spaces, customer discovery, entrepreneurial biases, and idea testing. Students will work closely with entrepreneurship faculty and external mentors as well as work in project venture teams in order to put important concepts into practice.

The CFE’s Learning Objectives for its Practica are:
– Experience entrepreneurship first-hand by recognizing an opportunity and taking action on a potential idea.
– Communicate who feels the problem and why by identifying important stakeholders and constructing compelling problem statements.
– Evaluate a potential opportunity by identifying underserved needs and utilizing ideation practices.
– Iterate on products/services via customer discovery interviews and exploring solutions.
– Demonstrate feasibility through a minimum viable product/service and resulting sales or other metrics.
– Demonstrate an understanding on how to execute on and scale their venture.

Credits:  3 Graded

Prereq: None