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Entr Practicum

Become immersed in the entrepreneurial process in a supportive classroom environment. You’ll learn how to critically evaluate then pursue the development of your own ideas for new ventures by working closely with entrepreneurship faculty and mentors.

Learning Objectives: Students will experience entrepreneurship firsthand;  Understand and experience the mindset of an entrepreneur;  Develop the ability to share the story of your entrepreneurial pursuits and clearly articulate customer needs, value proposition, customer segments, and value-adding solutions;  Learn to go from idea phase to action and implementation, including validation through sales;  Learn the customer discovery process of gaining empathy, understanding customer needs and wants, getting feedback from customers, prototyping solutions, and testing a value proposition;  Actively practice exercising the customer discovery process;  Become familiar with the process of starting a business;  Learn problem solving in a team-based environment.

411.001 / 411.003 (General)

411.002 (Engineering Focused)

411.004 (Tech Commercialization)


ENTR 411.001, 411.002, 411.003, 411.004 |  CLASS# 20996, 22469, 23013, 30258 

Credits:  3 Graded

Prereq: Sophomore or Above