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Interpersonal Skills

Do people sometimes or often surprise, irritate, or enrage you? Looking back over the last year, can you think of a time you “lost control” or would like a “do over”? By building your self awareness and Emotional Intelligence, you can gain insight, self control, and produce consistently positive results for yourself and others.

Using a four quadrant model of Emotional Intelligence, each quadrant will be unpacked with readings, lectures/examples, occasional guest lectures, and small group activities.  Students are intended to come to understand the rich and varied mental lives of others, and learn concepts like “it’s not about you” and to “fly their own plane first”. Using a three axis model (actual EQ, self-perceived EQ, and EQ care), along with an EQ assessment rubric, students will learn to locate themselves and others in relation to best practices.  Theories of leadership will be discussed and unpacked, with the intent of more fully understanding sources of leadership power and the positive and negative aspects of various leadership styles. At the interplay of these themes is the concept of the dynamic, optimized function of a “high-performing team” the creation and maintenance of which lies at the heart of most business success.

Students will form teams early in the course to ideate a project for improving the campus in some way.  The teams will (ideally) apply their course learnings and produce a substantive product that they will report out on at the end of the course.  Additionally, students will work throughout the term on a 10-20 page personal development plan, which will either be busy work or life changing in direct response to how seriously it is worked on. Weekly reflections on reading and course content will provide a regular feedback loop between instructor and student as to how course material is being received and applied.  While not focusing explicitly on business practices and entrepreneurial activities, the entire course will be grounded in this field and will rely heavily on tying in the real world experiences of students and instructor to maximize the future applicability of what is learned.


ENTR 550.001 & 550.002 | Class #26036 & #31889

Credits:  3 Graded

Prereq: None