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Take your journey to the next level by enrolling in ENTR courses. These engaging and fun electives are specifically designed to complement your academic pursuits, infusing them with innovation and entrepreneurial spirit that will set you apart. Learn from seasoned entrepreneurs and innovators who have walked the path of success and are eager to share their insights with you.

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Discover support and infrastructures designed to fund and guide new ventures throughout the research and commercialization process. Access experiential education to gain valuable insights into entrepreneurship, business startup, and industry challenges. Learn more about these programs supported by the CFE.

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The MBVF bridges the gap between cutting-edge research and startups which can drive biomedical innovations into clinical care.
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Dive into our extensive resource hub, tailored to meet your changemaking needs. Discover a wealth of information, tools, and guidance to support your initiatives. Explore diverse resources designed to empower your journey and drive positive change.

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