Want to complement your degree, stand out to recruiters and become more knowledgeable about entrepreneurship by learning from U-M STEAM graduates, technical founders and experienced entrepreneurs?
CoE majors will earn up to 4 credits toward PCDC of the college’s Intellectual Breadth requirements with ENTR enrollment.
U-M’s campus-wide Minor in Entrepreneurship also grants credit for ENTR classes!
Be a part of the #1 ranked undergraduate program in entrepreneurship, and top 10 graduate program in entrepreneurship!
ALL students from ALL schools/colleges may register for ENTR courses.  Search Wolverine Access public course catalog for ENTR.

Fall 2019 Undergraduate and Graduate Course Offerings

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can take an ENTR course?
Students from any school, college or unit.
Can undergraduate students take graduate courses?
Yes, undergraduates with senior standing (85+ total credit hours) can take any of our graduate courses.
Can graduate students take undergraduate courses?
Yes, Graduate students can take Undergraduate courses.
Are there pre-requisite courses you need to take?
It varies, but there are generally no pre-reqs required for ENTR courses.
Do ENTR courses help me towards my degree?
ENTR courses count as Electives (or Cognates with department approval).

College of Engineering undergraduate students can also earn up to 4 credits of PCDC (Professional and Creative Development Courses) credit from ENTR courses.

Can I take an ENTR course pass/fail?
Yes, courses can be graded or pass/fail (satisfactory/unsatisfactory).
How do I register?
1. Use the Wolverine Access Course Catalog

2. Search by the subject code ENTR

3. If you can’t find a course, expand the “Additional Search Criteria” section and paste in the Class Nbr

Additional Questions?

Graduate Certificate in Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Click here to learn about the certificate and apply!

Undergraduate Program in Entrepreneurship

Enrollment in the Program in Entrepreneurship (PIE) closed September 2015. If you’re currently enrolled you can find program requirements here or email centerforentrepreneurship@umich.edu.

Undergraduate Minor in Entrepreneurship

For information on the University-wide Undergraduate Minor in Entrepreneurship, please visit innovateblue.umich.edu/academics.