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Entrepreneurship Marketing

Learn how to build a “lean” marketing plan that will maximize your chance of successfully growing a new concept from an idea to a product to a repeatable and scalable business with little or no resources in an ever-changing environment.

Learning Objectives: Students will learn about the development of a market-based orientation for a start-up company; Students will learn about the creation of a marketing plan for a new venture;  Topics and concepts will include knowing one’s customers, discovering if anyone want the product, how to articulate one’s value proposition, marketing segmentation and targeting, customer discovery research, maintenance and growth of a customer base, distribution channels and partners, pricing and revenue, marketing metrics/testing/iteration; Students will create an entrepreneurial marketing plan.


ENTR 413 & 599.413 | CLASS #25101 (undergraduate), #29548 (graduate)

Credits:  2 Graded

Prereq: None