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Organizational Mangement in Startups

Learn about vision, culture, storytelling, mission, strategy development, the role of the CEO, the difference between the CIO and the CEO, communicators, hiring / firing and operations and management. You’ll broaden your perspective of how to get a startup going, scaled, and funded.

Learning Objectives: Students will be introduced to the fundamentals of how to identify their own values and leadership style and build a complimentary team to support that style;  Acquire best practices for handling team recruiting, management, incentives, conflict resolution, and pathways to success;  Differentiate between high functioning and poor performing teams;  Develop an understanding of key factors that enhance or diminish the likelihood of team success; process, communication, delegation and accountability;  Understand team dynamics in a typical entrepreneurial “start-up” environment.


ENTR 490.014 | CLASS# 25163

Credits:  2 Graded

Prereq: None