Whether you’ve always been interested in entrepreneurship or you’re just looking to fill some credit requirements, ENTR courses offer something for everyone. They’re open to students from all schools and colleges, and count as electives for undergrads, cognates for Master and PhD students.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to save your seat in our upcoming ENTR classes before you head off for summer vacation. With expert instructors, practical experience, and a supportive learning environment, our courses are the perfect way to invest in yourself and your future.

If you’re looking to set yourself apart and diversify your learning next academic year, take a look at these 6 can’t-miss courses offered in Fall 2023.

1) ENTR 407 Entrepreneurship Hour (#18394)

If you’re going to take one ENTR course, make it this one! This weekly, in-person seminar series invites disruptive, influential, and respected entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, and business leaders in a TEDTalk-style presentation about their personal experiences founding, financing, and managing a startup venture. ENTR 407 is a 1 credit pass/fail course, so it won’t put too much strain on your schedule.

2) ENTR 390.005 Intro to Entrepreneurial Design 

This 3 credit course has something for everyone! We invite aspiring designers, hackers, and makers from across all 19 schools/colleges to build foundational knowledge of entrepreneurial design. Each week, students will be introduced to a new tool towards the creation of an entrepreneurial toolkit and will have the opportunity to apply these tools to work being completed in a hands-on lab. Current lab options include: AR/VR/XR; 3-D Printing; Hardware, Coding and IoT, so you can customize your learning to your interests.

Class number: IoT lab+lecture #28556  // 3DP lab+lecture #28557 // XR lab+lecture #28558

3) ENTR 390.055/599.055 Startup Sales (#33580/#33859)

This brand new 2 credit course is perfect for students looking to get involved in the startup scene. Students are introduced to the unique challenges and excitement of selling in early-stage ventures. From first revenue to scaling the organization, students will become familiar with sales processes and terminology, managing a sales pipeline, handling objections, and building a team in the context of bringing a new product to market.

4) ENTR 490.014/599.490 Organizational Management & Leadership of Startups (#23638/#28560)

Want to become an expert at managing people and leading teams? This 2 credit course is designed to teach the fundamentals of building and managing a world-class team by identifying and prioritizing the “who” (human resource capital), the “what” (skill sets) and “why” needed for your venture to grow and thrive. Transdisciplinary students will learn about the role of the CEO, the priorities and responsibilities of board members, and the team dynamics in a typical start-up environment. Students will also learn how to “sell” their ideas and vision to employees, investors, board members, partners and others.

5) ENTR 530 Innovation & IP Strategy (#25799)

This 3 credit course explores effective intellectual property (IP) strategies for startups and new ideas. Topics include an overview of patent, copyright, trademark, and trade secret law as they relate to all stages of entrepreneurial ventures. The course will also address intellectual property procurement (e.g., patent prosecution), technology transfer, due diligence, as well as preparing for and avoiding litigation. Prospective students (SR standing and above) should have their own research or technology to directly apply the strategies learned in the class.

6) ENTR 599.021 Creativity & Product Development (#33602)

Looking to develop your creativity? This 3 credit course highlights the significance of creativity and storytelling in product development, often overlooked factors. You’ll explore their pivotal role in innovative product design and learn techniques to enhance your creativity and communication skills. You’ll prototype new ideas and gain a deeper understanding of the product development process, becoming a more efficient team player, problem solver, and leader. Creativity and storytelling will help you stand out in a changing business environment, where these are among the highest value skills! Enroll with SR standing and above.

We hope these courses give you some inspiration for your schedule! Looking for more options? Check out all available ENTR courses here. 

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