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Intro to Entrepreneurial Design

Not Offered Fall 2021

This class involves a mixture of making and thinking for current and future entrepreneurs, designers, hackers, makers, founders, and do-ers. You will experience both a hands-on lab section, where you will learn to design and build physical and digital prototypes –learning how to hack things together and engage in the fun of building– and a weekly lecture, which will introduce you to the principles of design and systems thinking, innovation, and marketing that enable success in technology, business, and policy. This course will train you in problem identification and problem solving methods, teach you how to identify and meet customer needs and wants (building stuff you and others actually want to use and buy), and allow you to develop practical building skills in a specific digital, physical, or hybrid platform. You will have the option to choose from one of several different lab sections, including: 3D Printing and Prototyping; Hardware and Coding; and Internet of Things (IoT). You are automatically enrolled in the lecture when you register for a lab section.


ENTR 390.005 | CLASS# 

Credits:  3 graded (Lecture and Lab must be taken together)

Prereq: YOU CANNOT DIRECTLY ENROLL IN THIS LECTURE. You must pick a lab first (ENTR 390.006 – 010)