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Tech-Inspired Business Models

Not offered Winter 2021

You’ll learn how to use a variety of innovation and entrepreneurial tools to identify opportunities, construct a business model, and assess its fundability so you can bring your ideas to life in a sustainable and scalable way.

Learning Objectives: Students taking this class are expected on its completion to be able to:

  • Articulate the tangled relationships between four of the nine components of the Business Model Canvas; value proposition, channel, customer segment, and revenue streams.
  • Capture a value chain map for a given channel to market.
  • Develop an ecosystem map and communicate the fundamental change your innovation will bring to the market.
  • Think strategically about the synergy and tensions between innovation capture and creation across several industry verticals.
  • Cultivate an ability to tailor technology innovation towards a sustainable business model with modern day revenue stream tactics.


ENTR 520 | CLASS# 

Credits:  3 Graded

Prereq: None