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Perot Jain TechLab HealthTech is a groundbreaking initiative to engage technically talented students in exploratory projects that target near term impact. Gain hands-on experience and mentorship from leading healthtech startups. Learn about cutting-edge solutions in telemedicine, mobile health, wearable devices, genomics, AI, and more. Jumpstart your career in the future of healthcare.

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Transform our world

You’ll have an extraordinary opportunity to delve into the health tech industry, guided by leading startups and partnered with Michigan Medicine clinicians. You’ll use your practical technical skills to address real-world challenges. This immersive experience, combined with travel to vibrant entrepreneurial ecosystems, provides an excellent platform to network with industry leaders and experts, unlocking fantastic opportunities for your career. Prepare to elevate your future to new heights.


In our community, you’ll connect with experts, mentors, innovators, and entrepreneurs from various fields, all enthusiastic about sharing their knowledge and insights. The relationships you form and the connections you establish here will not only influence your career but will also have a lasting impact beyond your time with us.

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Ultimately, we want you to ignite your passion for making a difference and motivate you to remain engaged with the programs at the CFE. Whether as a partner or mentor, you can contribute to enriching others in the entrepreneurial ecosystem. Our aim is for you to embark on a transformative path that not only shapes your own future but also leaves a lasting imprint on the world around you.


At PJTL HealthTech, you’ll dive deep into the heart of health technology, addressing tangible healthcare challenges through immersive projects with leading-edge companies. You’ll engage directly with real industry issues, gaining invaluable entrepreneurial perspectives. Our aim is to transform the health technology landscape into your dynamic learning environment. This isn’t just an ordinary opportunity; it’s your chance to play a pivotal role in advancing health outcomes and making a significant impact on global well-being.

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COURSE requirements

To participate in the Perot Jain TechLab HealthTech students must submit an application and register for the ENTR course. Student teams contribute to real projects alongside innovative startup companies in the health tech industry. This program is a year long commitment and takes place for 2 consecutive semesters (winter & fall semesters, 3 credits each semester).


Students will participate in project scoping and begin their research. You will also gain insights into entrepreneurship, covering both structured class sessions and collaborative team work.

Semester 1 combines in class participation as well as company mentorship and clinician mentorship that supports the team project scoping outside of the classroom.

Semester 2 focuses on the product development and commercialization of the student team project which company mentorship continues including clinical consultants.


Students will be matched with seasoned mentors from the healthtech industry.

Through this mentorship, you will be tasked with a collaborative, open-ended project assignment.


To create an engaging educational environment by partnering with companies to implement and enhance their latest innovations. Teach students through hands-on projects that tackle major challenges faced by these companies. By using the company as a practical case study, students gain direct experience in the entrepreneurial process.

Ready To Make An Impact?

Give into your curiosity and click the link below to fill out our interest form and get ready to jump in.


This vibrant team in the health tech community is composed of students eager for knowledge; they’re here to support, motivate, and empower each other along the inspiring journey toward greater understanding of the health tech industry. PJTL HealthTech isn’t just a program; it’s a community dedicated to healthcare advancement.

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Entrepreneurial Practice Programs Team

Nick Moroz

Director of Entrepreneurial Practice


Crista Deneau

Entrepreneurial Practice Program Manager


Alison Smith

Program Manager, Student Resources


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Student Note

The CFE offers support in negotiating job offers for students and can provide financial aid for summer internships at startups based on these conditions, please contact us for more information:

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