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Perot Jain TechLab Electrification is a game-changer for students like you who are passionate about electrification and want to make a mark in the transportation industry. If electrification is what you crave, then this is the place to be.

Perot Jain TechLab Electrification
Hands-On Mastery

Hands-On Mastery

You’ll have the incredible chance to explore this industry with guidance from top-notch startups. You’ll gain hands-on technical skills tackling real-world challenges. Immersive experiences are combined with travel to entrepreneurial ecosystems, giving you an excellent way to make connections with industry leaders and experts and open some fantastic opportunities for you. Get ready to supercharge your future. 


Within our community, you’ll find experts, mentors, innovators, and entrepreneurs representing diverse fields, all eager to share their knowledge and insights. The relationships you build and connections you make during your time with us will impact your career and extend beyond.



Ultimately, we want you to ignite your passion for making a difference and motivate you to remain engaged with the programs at the CFE. Whether as a partner or mentor, you can contribute to enriching others in the entrepreneurial ecosystem. Our aim is for you to embark on a transformative path that not only shapes your own future but also leaves a lasting imprint on the world around you.

PJTL Electrification


PJTL Electrification is more than just a network; it’s a family of forward-thinkers and changemakers. The relationships you forge and the connections you establish during your time with us will extend far beyond the program. We’re not just shaping your professional trajectory; we’re fostering an enduring community that will support you on your journey long after you’ve left our vibrant ecosystem. Our ultimate mission? To ignite the flames of passion within you.

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Year-long commitment (Winter & Fall semesters)

To participate in the Perot Jain TechLab Electrification students are required to take ENTR 490 (UGRAD/GRAD level). Student teams explore real projects alongside innovative startup companies in the carbon-tech industry. This is a 2-semester course.


This program is hands-on where student teams work on projects with a startup company developing advanced transportation technology.

As a PJTL student, get ready for exclusive access to meetings with founders, investors, executives, and remarkable entrepreneurs. Whether in the classroom, campus events, or during the Discovery Treks. Embrace these extraordinary experiences and unlock invaluable insights into this dynamic world.


Students are connected to seasoned mentors from the technical industry with expertise in various fields such as new sensor technology, mapping, automotive stack, and perception. Also, students receive valuable guidance from U-M faculty and staff, further enhancing knowledge in these areas.


In this innovative program, students dive into the technology landscape, participating actively in the creation, presentation, and implementation of groundbreaking innovations. Furthermore, partnering companies enjoy privileged entry to the Mcity test facility, enabling them to assess and experiment with their technologies in a controlled and specialized setting.

Ready To Make An Impact?

Give into your curiosity and click the link below to fill out our interest form and get ready to jump in.


These students aren’t just here for classes; they’re here to inspire, push boundaries, and stand by each other on the exciting adventure. PJTL electrification isn’t just a program; it’s a group of innovators sharing a common goal.

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Entrepreneurial Practice Programs Team

Nick Moroz

Director of Entrepreneurial Practice


Crista Deneau

Entrepreneurial Practice Program Manager


Alison Smith

Program Manager, Student Resources


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Program Partners

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Student Note

The CFE offers support in negotiating job offers for students and can provide financial aid for summer internships at startups based on these conditions, please contact us for more information:

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