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Compensation, Funding, Ownership

Not Offered Fall 2021

In this course, you’ll learn about the various types of compensation, funding, and ownership (CFO), from 100% investor-owned to 100% employee-owned. You’ll look at CFO from the perspective of an employee, founder, and investor, and learn the trade offs of ownership, stock options, and valuation to know how you and others should be fairly compensated. Students will develop the critical thinking skills and analytical frameworks necessary to grasp the trade-offs of equity and employee ownership as it pertains to both them personally and to the business. Students will become able to select the appropriate corporate structure for a variety of ventures, negotiate and establish basic shareholder governance, calculate capitalization tables, and estimate the value of an entrepreneurial venture. Students will also learn how to make informed tactical and strategic decisions around the efficient and effective and deployment of equity, and how to best negotiate for that equity from an employee’s perspective.


ENTR 510 | CLASS# 

Credits:  3 Graded

Prereq: None