What is Atlas?

In 2017, the University Registrar, University Privacy Officer, and the Center for Academic Innovation began working on a set of U-M Learning Analytics Guiding Principles. What was born was Atlas.

Atlas displays hundreds of pages of course, instructor, and major profiles that allow students, faculty, and staff to gain insight into information such as popular courses and grade distribution. The data can be used to make informed decisions in regards to planning, reporting, and more.

So here are a few tips and tricks on how to find courses (specifically ENTR courses) and start building your schedule.

1. Browse Courses: sort by Subject to find ENTR classes!

Quick tip – ENTR 390.###/490.###/599.### are special. “Special Topics in Entrepreneurship” courses all have different section numbers that focus on unique topics: e-Commerce, Digital Product Design, Organizational Values & Ethics in Startups, Urban Entrepreneurship Practicum, and OrgMgmt: How to Build a Killer Team. The last 3-digits, .###,  relate to a unique topic. If you would like to know more, check things out here

2. Plan Out Your Semester: add ENTR courses to your schedule builder and send directly to your backpack!

Quick tip – CFE’s website has a matrix that encompasses all courses offered in the Fall 2022 term, with times and locations on one spreadsheet to make it easier for you to build your course schedule. Check out our classes here.

3. Review your Dashboard: save ENTR courses of interest for the future enrollment, create your ENTR course collections, and save your favorite ENTR instructors to your dashboard!

Quick tip – CFE’s award winning instructors are STEAM graduates, founders and experienced entrepreneurs. Check out their bios here.

4. Explore Academic Spotlights: check out the ENTRepreneurship spotlight!

Quick tip – Did you know that you can minor or receive a graduate certificate in entrepreneurship? ENTR classes are differentiators. Use U-M ATLAS features to get you 1-step ahead in your academic journey. 

To learn more about Atlas and how it can help you look up specific ENTR courses, instructors, or majors offered by the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor Campus, visit atlas.ai.umich.edu

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