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Graduate Certificate

Graduate Certificate in Innovation & Entrepreneurship

WHATa 12-credit certificate in Innovation & Entrepreneurship
WHOcurrently registered and degree-seeking Ann Arbor campus Masters, Ph.D. and professional students from all schools and colleges. You do NOT need to have prior business or entrepreneurial experience.
WHYto complement your degree with leadership, business, and innovation skills and stand out to employers
WHENstudents are eligible to apply for this certificate at any time during their degree, but it’s best to apply before taking too many ENTR courses

The Details


The certificate program is open to currently-enrolled, degree-seeking students in a Master’s, PhD or professional degree program at the Ann Arbor campus.


You should meet with a CFE advisor and apply to the program as early in your academic career as possible so we can create a course schedule that works for you. It is strongly preferred (i.e. almost required) that you apply for and are admitted to the certificate BEFORE you register for courses under the certificate.


A minimum of 12 credits are required to complete this certificate. It is possible to double-count some credits between the certificate and your primary degree program.


Effective July 2019, students may register for all coursework for this certificate under their primary academic career (e.g., Rackham). As a result, students will not be assessed any additional tuition to pursue the certificate as long as they are enrolled full-time.


  • Students must take ENTR 500 to complete the certificate. It is strongly encouraged that students take ENTR 500 before other any other certificate courses.
  • Students must take courses from the “Approved Courses” table below.
  • Students may submit a petition to count courses that aren’t listed.

Additional Information

Please see the FAQ at the bottom of this page.

Further Questions?

Please don’t hesitate to reach out!

The Application Process

1. Meet with a CFE Advisor

Schedule a meeting to discuss the cost, credits, courses,
and your proposed plan of study.

2. Complete a proposed Plan of Study

We can help you complete this when you meet with a CFE advisor, or you can complete this on your own.

3. Apply to the program

We’ll then review your application and keep you updated via email.

Approved Courses

Please submit a petition if you’d like to count a course that isn’t listed under the Electives section.


You can double-count credits between this certificate and your degree. However:

  • If you’re a Master’s student: Not more than one-sixth (1/6) of the credits required for any given master’s may be double-counted between this certificate and your master’s. For example: if your master’s program is 30 credits, you can double-count 5 credits.
  • Double-counted credits cannot exceed 6 credits.
  • Double-counting is not permitted if you’re pursuing a dual master’s degree—in that situation, all credits for the certificate must stand alone.
  • Double-counting is not permitted between two certificate programs.
  • No undergraduate courses may be double-counted toward the certificate credit hour requirement.
  • Students must take courses from the Approved Courses table on this page.
  • Students must take ENTR 500 to complete the certificate. ENTR 500 can be taken at any time, but it is strongly encouraged that students take ENTR 500 before any other course.
  • However, students may submit a petition to count courses as Electives that are not listed under the “Electives” section.
  • Any “Core” course may be used to fulfill an “Elective” course requirement.
  • At least 6 credits of courses must reside under the certificate program on your transcript.
  • All courses must be letter graded. The only exception is Entrepreneurship Hour (ENTR 407), which is only offered Satisfactory / Unsatisfactory for graduate students.
  • Students must earn a cumulative grade point average of 3.00 (“B”) for the courses taken to complete the certificate.
  • It is strongly recommended that students be admitted into the program before taking or counting courses toward the certificate.
  • Only courses taken during or after the Winter 2017 semester will be counted toward the certificate.
  • Students must complete the certificate within four years.

You can list this certificate on your resume in any way you’d like to bring it to the attention of recruiters and potential employers.

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