Blog post by ELP Student Ilya Poltavets (Computer Science and Cognitive Science | Class of 2020) This summer I was fortunate enough to intern at an early stage startup in… Read More

If I Had Another Chance…

  Blog post by ELP Student Grace Wang (Business Administration and Computer Science | Class of 2021) If I had another chance, I would do x, y, and z instead of… Read More

What I’ve learned from being in ‘growth-gear’

  Blog post by ELP Student Betty Wan (Mechanical Engineering | Class of 2020) 古人雲:“學如逆水行舟,不進則退。” An ancient Chinese saying goes: “Study is like sailing against the current; either you keep forging ahead… Read More

The Best Time to Start a Startup is Now

  Blog post by ELP Student David Chang (Biomedical Engineering | Class of 2019) Time and time again this summer, I’ve come back to the same conclusion: there’s no better time… Read More

My Fight Against Perfectionism

  Blog post by ELP Student Junchen (Mark) Jin (Computer Science | Class of 2019) Before I started my internship journey, I loved the label ‘perfectionism’ more than everyone else. I… Read More

Startup life: What I thought vs reality

  Blog post by ELP Student Julio Soldevilla (Mathematics| Class of 2022) Before starting this internship, I had very little idea of what to expect of the experience. I had learned a… Read More

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