The Center for Entrepreneurship is full of anticipation as we welcome the 2024 cohort of our esteemed Entrepreneurial Leadership Program (ELP). This year-long program, a unique blend of academic learning, practical training, and focused mentorship, aims to shape students into the entrepreneurial leaders of tomorrow.

The ELP curriculum is enriched by the expert knowledge and skillful guidance of our trusted instructors, Grace Hsia Haberl and Scott Merz. With their diverse entrepreneurial experience and enduring commitment to guiding student achievement, Scott and Grace aid aspiring entrepreneurs across various schools within the university, including the College of Engineering (COE), College of Literature, Science, and the Arts (LSA), School of Information (SI), School of Public Health (SPH), and the School of Education.

The Mentor Matching program, unique to ELP, connects each student with an entrepreneurial mentor, providing personalized guidance and real-world insights. This key facet of our program, enriched by regular interactions and evaluations, has proven instrumental in guiding our students toward achieving their entrepreneurial objectives.

In ELP, we ensure our scholars gain more than just theoretical knowledge. We offer summer opportunities that embed our students in the heart of the entrepreneurial nerve center, allowing them to learn on the job: internships at ambitious startups, laying the groundwork for their ventures or observing established entrepreneurial leaders.

We take immense pride in the real-world accomplishments of our ELP alumni, this year we are acknowledging Lume Health – a dynamic startup founded by ELP alum Vicki Powell and her business partner, Jonathan Moustakis MD. A graduate of the first ELP cohort, Powell’s growth from a student to a thriving entrepreneur is an inspiring blueprint for our present ELP students.

Our ELP class will be involved in an innovative learning experience where they will operate as a startup company during the upcoming year. They will make critical decisions, formulate strategies, and evaluate outcomes. To enrich this immersive learning, we will use Lume Health as a real-life case study for comparison and validation of their entrepreneurial choices and approaches.

By learning and studying the growth track of Lume Health, students will gain realistic insights into the challenges and solutions that emerge in the startup journey. This comparative analysis of their strategic decision-making process will enhance the students’ understanding of entrepreneurship in a practical context.

We can’t wait to see how our 2024 ELP Cohort shapes the future of entrepreneurship. To the leaders of tomorrow—your journey towards a bright future starts here.



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