The University of Michigan’s Center for Entrepreneurship (CFE) and Information and Technology Services (ITS) have partnered for the launch of the Generative AI Student Innovation Competition, a novel platform for aspiring students to channel their AI skills and innovation toward solving real-world problems.

The competition is unique, merging students from diverse academic backgrounds to leverage U-M Tools: U-M GPT, U-M Maizey, and U-M GPT Toolkit in their AI-driven concepts. Students were encouraged to submit projects that fueled their passion; the contest serves as a catalyst to foster an entrepreneurial spirit, explore sophisticated AI technologies, and define students’ own societal impact.

The judges carefully reviewed nearly 50 first-round entries and awarded nine teams the opportunity to continue in the competition. The finalists, preparing to carve their presence in the AI landscape, include 0xKnowledge, Blue Candle, CommunityConnect, MedLink AI, Mitzi Development, PatientEducationAI, PsykAI, SafeRecourse, and Story Palzzz. They showcase the vast potential of AI in numerous fields, including healthcare, education, business, and software development. 

With coaching and mentoring, these teams are currently refining their projects ahead of the grand finale presentation. This culmination of their AI journey unfolds on February 2, 2024, at 2 PM in the Kuenzel Room at the Michigan Union. The teams will present their practical solutions and demonstrate their projects before a distinguished panel of judges. Evaluation will be based on their problem statement, solution implementation, demonstration, commercialization roadmap, and the potential for positive impact. The stakes are high with cash prizes up to $3000 for first place, and $500 each for the teams in 2nd to 4th place.

The Generative AI Student Innovation Competition, a cutting-edge initiative by the University of Michigan’s CFE, aims to advance dialogue on AI technologies while fostering a new generation of innovative solutions poised to create significant societal impact. Come to experience this technological revolution in the flesh at the final presentations, as we step into a future empowered by artificial intelligence.

Read more about the finalists below.

Project Name Brief project description
0xKnowledge We are building an AI-powered software documentation platform where public documentation is automatically updated as engineers merge new code changes.
Blue Candle Blue Candle utilizes generative AI to enhance STEM exam prepping experience for university students.
CommunityConnect  A Human-AI Collaborative Ecosystem for Designing Custom Project Based Learning Curricula.This research project looks to evaluate the potential to utilize feedback from K-12 teachers and learners to create custom project-based learning units, using fine-tuning techniques to train an LLM.
MedLink AI  GPT-Based Smart Pre-Diagnostic System. MedLink AI harnesses the power of GPT technology to revolutionize the pre-diagnostic experience in healthcare, offering personalized and efficient patient-provider communication.
Mitzi Development Generative AI Digital Marketing software for small businesses.
PatientEducationAI An app for healthcare systems sustained by generative AI technology that creates patient health education documents in languages other than English.
PsykAI AI-Enhanced Mental Health Training. PsykAI is an AI-powered co-pilot and training assistant that leverages machine learning to simulate psychotherapy sessions, enabling mental health professionals to gain competency and expertise through low-stakes interactive practice before working with real clients.
SafeRecourse A generative AI technology that provides risk-aware recommendations on financing options for households and small businesses who are adversely treated by machine learning systems.
Story Palzzz Story Palzzz, a stuffed animal incorporates augmented reality markers and generative AI to craft unique interactive narratives, fostering cognitive growth and creativity, offering a unique and inclusive edu-tech solution, particularly beneficial for children with generalized anxiety or autism
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