Faculty Fandom: Alison Bailey

Get set for an exploration of the dynamic intersection between academia and entrepreneurship! Today, we’re shining a well-deserved spotlight on Alison Bailey, a lecturer with a flair for not just academics, but for shaping the very essence of entrepreneurship through her dedication to diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI).

Alison’s journey into the world of startups was like catching a wave of serendipity. It all kicked off with an invitation to a workshop panel at CFE for soon-to-graduate students. The mission? Get students familiar with the working world. Little did she know, this experience would become the launchpad for her deep dive into the heart of CFE. From there, the stars aligned, presenting her with a game-changing opportunity – crafting a course centered on DEI. Since 2017, the courses she’s been cooking up have evolved, delving into the kaleidoscopic dimensions of diversity and its impact on both the academic and economic realms.

Sure, Alison isn’t the founder of the next big startup, but her entrepreneurial journey is no less thrilling. Picture her as a consultant extraordinaire, bringing a treasure trove of experience and insights to light the paths of others on their quest for success. Strategic thinking and ethical considerations? That’s her secret sauce for navigating the entrepreneurial landscape.

Faculty Fandom: Alison Bailey

Right at the beating heart of Alison’s impact is her current gig as the maestro behind ENTR 390.050, Organizational Values & Ethics. It’s not your run-of-the-mill lecture; it’s a dynamic space where students don’t just learn; they engage, they challenge, and they evolve. Her favorite part of the process? “I enjoy seeing how the students’ perspectives on ethics evolve as they critically think through the process of ‘what does organizational ethics mean’ from their perspective,” says Dr. Bailey.

But hold on, it’s not all about books and lectures. Alison also finds her groove in travel – a passion that harmonizes seamlessly with her lively and diverse approach to teaching. Those tales from her global escapades? They’re not just anecdotes; they’re the secret ingredients that spice up her classes, turning them into a global feast of knowledge.

Now, for the eager students ready to plunge into the world of entrepreneurship or dive deep into the CFE universe, Alison has some golden advice: “Keep it real, stay true to yourself, and network like there’s no tomorrow. That’s where the magic happens!”

Alison Bailey isn’t just a lecturer; she’s a force of diversity, ethics, and education at CFE. Her story is a testament to the wild possibilities that unfold when passion meets purpose and knowledge in the entrepreneurial playground.

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