For many of us at the CFE, joining the team was one of our first introductions to entrepreneurship. Each of us now has a stake in entrepreneurs, startups, pitching, funding, and more.

From educators to advisors, marketers to directors, and coordinators to administrators, each of us has taken the entrepreneurial mindset to heart and found ways of utilizing the skillset needed to think outside the box.

This November, we all thought about how thankful we are for entrepreneurship and how it allows us to connect with students, faculty, staff, alumni, and external partners.

I’m thankful for…

“I am thankful that through entrepreneurship and innovation at the University of Michigan I am able to meet innovative and driven students that want to make a difference!”

Chiara Swain, Academic Programs Specialist

“I am thankful for the opportunity to guide students who are seeking to bring new solutions to customers and making the world a better place.”

Jonathan Fay, Dixon and Carol Doll Executive Director

“I’m incredibly thankful to be in a position to be a ‘dot-connecter’ between our alum and student audiences; their pursuit of entrepreneurship as a societal change-agent inspires and reminds me of the bright future ahead”

Eric Bacyinski, Director-External Engagement and Mentorship

“I am thankful that entrepreneurs are brave enough to get new ideas and innovations into the world to improve people’s lives.”

Lora Stevens, Assistant Director, I-Corps Program

“I’m really thankful that entrepreneurship has led to the creation of the mRNA vaccine technology that is now saving millions of lives around the world preventing death from covid. I’m thankful that the entrepreneurial mindset has helped so many businesses pivot during the pandemic to keep local economies afloat.”

Nick Moroz, Director of Entrepreneurial Practice

“I’m thankful for the inspiration and motivation entrepreneurship gives people to make a lasting impact on the world. Entrepreneurship is a phenomenal vehicle to help others!”

Emilee Studley, Entrepreneurial Community Development Manager

“I am thankful that students are inspired by entrepreneurial stories, by discovering opportunities, and realizing that their initiatives can truly make a difference.”

Christine Gordon, Director of Academic Programs

“I am thankful to hear from our faculty and students about how our I-Corps programs act as transformational experiences for them and help them find how their work fits into the bigger scheme of things/real world. “

Divya Patil, Technology Development Specialist

“I am thankful there are optimists who see obstacles as opportunities and are willing to challenge the status quo”

John Seamans, MBVF Manager

“I am thankful for our knowledgeable entrepreneurs of practice (faculty) who are bringing their real-world experiences into the classroom for our undergraduate and graduate students to expand their entrepreneurial mindset.”

Tasha Beery, Graduate Programs Manager

“I’m thankful for the ever-changing audience interested in entrepreneurship, from students who want to learn more, to alumni and company partners who are actively changing the world and at the same time interested in sharing what they’ve experienced to help the Michigan entrepreneurial ecosystem continue to thrive.”

Nick Gallo, Marketing and Communications Manager

“I’m thankful for the fact that entrepreneurship showcases the most creative ideas in our community, and that the start-ups and products that originated at the University of Michigan are always interesting to learn about.”

-Alanna Epstein, Postdoctoral Research Fellow

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