Thanksgiving is quickly approaching and we at the CFE thought we would have some fun by creating a list that mashes up the upcoming holiday with how those involved in our programs might feel at various points during their entrepreneurial journey. 

Thinking about all of the innovative opportunities you have here at U-M: 

You’re working on a class project and your team’s collaboration is on point: 

You want to bring your idea into reality and your advisor or mentor has some really great ideas to help you accomplish this: 

You realize your grad research can develop into a potential business opportunity: 

The feeling you might have when your first prototype fails: 

Then how you feel when you finally get your prototype or code to deploy/work properly: 

Walking into the place you booked to save money while attending an out-of-town entrepreneurship conference: 

You’re attending an event and hear potential investors may be there: 

How you feel when you finish your first round of funding: 

When you’re confident in the team you put together for your project: 

Getting your first startup office space: 

How you let your competition know your idea has launched: 

No matter where you are in your journey, remember that the Center for Entrepreneurship has your back and have a very happy Thanksgiving! 

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