Graduation may be our favorite time of year at the Center for Entrepreneurship. Summer time is quickly approaching, there’s a sense of excitement in the air, and most of all, it’s a time to celebrate the accomplishments of our hardworking students!

This year, the CFE decided to go all out for graduation. At the end of April, the team welcomed students, families, faculty, and staff to the office for a day full of games, music, cake, and great conversation.

This year, the team received a special visit from Dr. Thomas H. Zurbuchen, who breathed life into the CFE 15 years ago.

“It was wonderful today to come back to that center and the amazing team that works there. The scale of impact has exceeded anything we ever expected. Entrepreneurial thinking and innovation are becoming core values and skill sets in education as, more than ever, we need to scale ideas and spread what is good about science, tech, and societal impact,” said Zurbuchen on LinkedIn.

It has been an exceptional year for CFE students. In the Winter semester, 27 students completed the Graduate Certificate in Innovation and Entrepreneurship – far more than any previous year! With a guest list of 300 graduates who’ve participated in programming, the event demonstrated that the CFE is making a real impact on a large student population.

Wherever these students go next, whether it’s working an industry job, joining a startup team, or continuing on with their own ventures, the CFE team couldn’t be more proud. We can’t wait to see what these students accomplish next!

Couldn’t make the event? Check out the photo gallery below to see some photos from the open house celebration.

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