Student Spotlight: Meghana Gorla

From a young age, Meghana Gorla’s hands were always busy with paints, clay, and yarn, crafting her imaginative visions into reality. “I’ve always loved art… the messy process of adapting and curating as you went through the artistic procedure,” she shares with a sparkle in her eyes. But Meghana’s aspirations went beyond the confines of traditional artistry; she craved impact, a way to channel her creativity into solving real-world problems.

“I saw entrepreneurship as the best way to impact the world,” Meghana explains. “It allows me to engage with new possibilities in an ever-growing future landscape, on my own terms.” Her journey into the world of entrepreneurship began to take shape when she delved into setting up an NFT brand and explored the realms of Web3 and blockchain technology, leveraging her artistic background to navigate the complexities of a technological frontier.

Her path led her to the Center for Entrepreneurship (CFE) at the University of Michigan, where she found a community that nurtured her entrepreneurial spirit. “I was introduced to the CFE when I decided to take Entrepreneurship Hour my freshman year,” she recalls. Since then, Meghana has been an integral part of the CFE, serving as an Instructional Aide for various classes, including Project Management & Consulting and Interpersonal Skills.

Student Spotlight: Meghana Gorla

“The Entrepreneurial Leadership Program has exposed me to a rich, diverse set of peers exploring innovation in their respective fields,” Meghana reflects. “It has led me to dive deeper into defense and security and look for synergies with behavioral economics.” Through her involvement with the CFE, Meghana has honed her focus on leveraging technology for societal impact, merging her passion for art with her drive for innovation.

Looking ahead, Meghana envisions herself working within innovation labs, contributing to the early-stage development of groundbreaking ideas. “I hope to take learnings that better inform me how to organize technological ideation in the face of starting my own venture,” she shares eagerly.

For aspiring entrepreneurs, Meghana offers a simple yet powerful piece of advice: “Endlessly explore the resources in front of you without fear… You need not start great, but you must start to be great.” Her journey serves as a testament to the transformative power of passion, creativity, and unwavering determination in shaping a future filled with endless possibilities. Meghana Gorla is not just dreaming; she’s empowering dreams.

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