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U-M Entrepreneurs Mentoring Network for Alumni and External Partners

Alumni Asked. We Listened. 


Our conversations with alumni and entrepreneurial partners often produce two groups of requests:

  1. Provide more opportunities for alumni to connect with U-M students and faculty that do not require them to be on campus, and
  2. Reduce any barriers to access to the CFE’s network of VC, founders, operators, and corporate innovators

Our deliverable in response to this is the launch of the U-M Entrepreneurs Mentoring Network. This platform empowers U-M students and alumni to place their questions and needs directly into the inboxes of the 3,000+ leaders in the CFE’s diverse network. 

The questions submitted are processed by our platform’s AI and then delivered to the individual inboxes of CFE alumni and partners who are best positioned to provide students, and fellow alumni, with a meaningful response. 

What makes this Network special is the fact that you do not have to log-in to anything to use it.

The entire process is completed through existing inboxes (unless you choose to continue the mentorship connection via phone or videochat).

U-M Entrepreneurs Mentoring Network by the Numbers:

Enabled 3,000+ alumni and external partners to engage with U-M students, faculty, and alumni. These engagements span 40 states, 36 countries, and six continents. 



Serviced nearly 650 students questions and needs for niche expertise by facilitating 1,050 responses from CFE's network of alumni and external partners.




373 students from 12 Schools and Colleges have used the platform. Student users are primarily from CoE (50%) and LS&A (34%). To date, undergraduates are the dominant users (90%) and efforts are underway to increase graduate student use in FY22.



“I have had a great experience thus far with the Entrepreneurs Mentoring Network. All of my questions have been answered quickly and thoroughly and I have gained insight into companies to look into, educational steps to achieve my goals and more.” - Lauren



“The tool was very easy to use and the response I received was very worthwhile. I loved the willingness of experienced practitioners' responses. I will definitely be using the service again.” - Samuel



“I was provided with very helpful advice that I can apply to my future endeavors. In addition, I was provided with the phone number of this contact, so I can reach out with further questions.” - Matthew



“This program has been great! It really allows me to process my career thoughts and get good insight and advice from mentors!” - Kathryn




“The CFE program has been a great way to give back to the University of Michigan, help students, and hopefully make a very small contribution to the long term success of our University by cultivating a culture of service.” - Brian ‘96



“The U-M Entrepreneurs Mentoring Network experience was incredibly fulfilling. The question I was asked by a young student was thoughtful and extremely relevant to me, and the platform that U-M uses to enable me to communicate my feedback could not have been easier or more pleasant to use. It was 10 minutes out of my week with an incredibly high time:reward ratio.” - Rob ‘05



“It was great connecting and providing advice/guidance to a current University of Michigan student. I found my conversation with her enjoyable and I'm looking forward to connecting with her again.” - Lisa ‘00



“Gratifying to share real world experience to help students think through career choices. Impressed with how the student did the homework and communicated during the process. Keep up the good work UM CFE!” - VJ ‘98



“It’s great to be able to help students with their entrepreneurship journey in an ongoing way. It’s also heartening to know that their interest in innovation and entrepreneurship extends far beyond the classroom.” - David ‘75, ‘76



“I love that there is a tool like this that makes making connections with alumni and current students so easy. It's a great way to vet questions that you think you can help with, and the CFE makes it easy to get in contact with the student. It feels great to give advice and help others with their goals and this is a simple way to do that.” - Alex ‘15



“I enjoy a chance to give back to the community in some way besides simply donating. It helps me feel more connected to U-M, and keeps the university top of mind.” - Nick ‘12, ‘13



“I was happy and at the same time honored to support a young student in choosing career paths in manufacturing for both process and product. Thank you for allowing me to share my experiences, knowledge, and positive attitude with a UM engineering student. Go Blue!” - Ron ‘66, ‘72, ‘77