Written by Aishani Chatterjee

Do you also wish there was a fun, easy and almost game-like way of getting through your daunting to-do list, completing your goals and achieving your dreams? We have got you! 

Gamification is the process of turning daily tasks into games to inject some fun in our monotonous routines, motivate ourselves and win fulfilling rewards at the same time. 

Here are some strategies to help you gamify your life:

1. Define Goals:

We have all felt the sense of dread and overwhelm when there is so much to do but we don’t know where to start. To get rid of this mental fog, write down your goals. Writing down goals helps in providing clarity and builds momentum and motivation. Make sure they are specific and tangible.

2. Create a Points System:

For each of the goals, attach a certain number points depending on how important or difficult it is to accomplish. Bigger quests can have larger points attached to them and can also be broken up into smaller quests that earn you some points.

For example:

(Bigger Quest) Complete Design Project: 100 pts

(Smaller Quests)

  • Create Research Plan: 10 pts
  • Carry out Research: 30 pts
  • Create Wireframes: 20 pts
  • Prototype: 30 pts 
  • Test final product: 10 pts 

3.  Reward and Level up: 

Once you reach a certain number of points, reward yourself in ways that would provide you with positive reinforcement. Rewards can be anything from buying an ice cream to watching an hour of Netflix. They will provide the extrinsic motivation needed to push you to finish your work. You can also make it even more fun and create multiple levels of your game or keep a jar full of surprise rewards written on paper and draw a piece of paper when it is time for a reward. This will further maintain the excitement of the game. 

4. Create Challenges based on Time:

Time yourself doing certain tasks and then try to beat your time. It is a proven method of improving focus and motivating you to finish your work in less time than you would have taken otherwise. 

5. Keep yourself Accountable:

Share your goals with your friends and family. If you don’t reach certain points by a certain period of time, you could lose points or face other consequences. If you want to pursue a goal with other people as well, you could compete with them, and provide each other with rewards on reaching certain milestones. External accountability is a high motivator for a lot of people.

Try adding some of these gaming elements into your life and experience the fun that unfolds! These strategies will not only make difficult tasks more fun to complete but also help you build better habits.

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