After two years going virtual, the College of Engineering’s Design Expo is back in person this month! Bringing together students, faculty, staff, and community members, this event allows students to showcase some of their most innovative, creative, and thought provoking works from the past academic year.

Several teams from the Center for Entrepreneurship’s Digital Product Design course, taught by the illustrious Andy Seidl, were selected to display their work at the upcoming expo. The students discovered a need and then prototyped several iterations of their digitized product. In doing so, these teams were part of creating the next generation of products that could disrupt the economy and reinvent the ways we live.

Here’s a sneak peek at some of the projects by CFE teams for you to check out:

Developing a Mobile App for College 2nd-hand Market

College students need to buy or rent goods at a cheaper price; they also need to get some money back by lending things out or selling used goods, as they have relatively limited budgets. This project focuses on developing an efficient mobile app which features user-friendly interface design and accommodates the need of consuming used goods.

Designer – Bingyu Luo

Location – Duderstadt Connector Hall Spot #51


An app that will help students navigate to their classrooms within buildings for classes, meetings, and more.

Designer – Jina Kim

Location – Duderstadt Connector Hall Spot #52

Campass app mockup on an iphone


People looking for roommates need an easy and personalized way to find roommates that share their living habits, interests, and values so that roommate relationships are more compatible and last longer. The current method of finding roommates is meeting through mutual friends or scrolling endlessly through vague and unorganized posts on Facebook and Instagram pages.

RoomME’s goal is to streamline the roommate matching process through identifying preferences for things like ideal wake up times, cleanliness levels, and interests to let potential roommates find better matches to chat with.

Designer – Jennifer Won

Location – Duderstadt Connector Hall Spot #53

Eating Healthy

Providing weekly health diet recipes and grocery shopping list through mobile prototype app. 

Designer – Hayoun Cho

Location -Duderstadt Connector Hall Spot #54

Check out these projects and many more at the College of Engineering’s Design Expo around North Campus, April 14th from 1-4pm. If you would like more information about enrolling in the ENTR Digital Product Design course this fall, check out the CFE’s courses list.

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