Jooyoung poses with three other people. They are all wearing blue face masks and appear to be hospital staff.
Why Pre-Med Students Should Take Entrepreneurship Courses

Written by Jooyoung Chung, ELP student This summer, I had the incredible opportunity to intern at Warmilu, a local healthcare…

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Student Spotlight: Sebastian Leone

Get ready to be inspired by the vibrant world of entrepreneurship through the eyes of Sebastian Leone. Majoring in Industrial…

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Entrepreneurship Abroad Program Announces 2023 Travel Destinations

Are you interested in developing intercultural skills and a global mindset? Do you want to spend your summer by the…

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Meet International Programs Advisor Matt Hancock

As an International Programs Advisor, Matt Hancock assists students with identifying and preparing for study abroad opportunities around the world….

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Global Networking Through a Digital International Experience

There has been no better time to build your network – on a global scale – quite like the present….

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