What to Look for in a First-year Internship

  Blog post by ELP Student Caitlin Ju (Business Administration | Class of 2021) Ambitious college freshman, this post’s for you.   Picture Credit: Veronica C.   You want to make this… Read More

Characteristics of a Successful Retail Startup

  Blog post by ELP Student Sakina Tinwala (Industrial Operations and Engineering | Class of 2020) Many VCs and tech investors invest solely in software, because it’s predictable and ‘high growth’…. Read More

Are ICOs the New Venture Capital?

  Blog post by ELP Student Andy Walner (Computer Science | Class of 2019) In 2017, a small startup called Bancor raised $150 million from investors around the world. Their product:… Read More

  Blog post by ELP Student Ilya Poltavets (Computer Science and Cognitive Science | Class of 2020) This summer I was fortunate enough to intern at an early stage startup in… Read More

If I Had Another Chance…

  Blog post by ELP Student Grace Wang (Business Administration and Computer Science | Class of 2021) If I had another chance, I would do x, y, and z instead of… Read More

What I’ve learned from being in ‘growth-gear’

  Blog post by ELP Student Betty Wan (Mechanical Engineering | Class of 2020) 古人雲:“學如逆水行舟,不進則退。” An ancient Chinese saying goes: “Study is like sailing against the current; either you keep forging ahead… Read More

The Best Time to Start a Startup is Now

  Blog post by ELP Student David Chang (Biomedical Engineering | Class of 2019) Time and time again this summer, I’ve come back to the same conclusion: there’s no better time… Read More

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