Students and staff pose with a flag that reads
WUST in the Bay: Introducing CFE Students to Innovative Alumni & Startups

Written by Nick Moroz, Director of Entrepreneurial Practice at the Center for Entrepreneurship Intro Each spring break, students in the…

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A large group of students pose with a flag that reads
25 Students Explore an (Often) Overlooked Startup Scene

Written by Nick Moroz, Director of Entrepreneurial Practice at the Center for Entrepreneurship intro As part of the Entrepreneurial Leadership…

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Jooyoung poses with three other people. They are all wearing blue face masks and appear to be hospital staff.
Why Pre-Med Students Should Take Entrepreneurship Courses

Written by Jooyoung Chung, ELP student This summer, I had the incredible opportunity to intern at Warmilu, a local healthcare…

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How I Became a 6-Figure Entrepreneur While Pursuing My Degree

Written by Faith Richardson, ELP student  From the first glimmer of ambition as a child to standing on the precipice…

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Embracing the Future of Electric Mobility: Alisyn Malek’s Trends in Tech Talk

  Picture this: a buzzing atmosphere filled with eager minds, all curious and captivated by the ever-changing world of innovation….

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City Hustle: The Urban Entrepreneur Students’ Detroit Trek

In the heart of Detroit, David Tarver’s Urban Entrepreneur Students embarked on DTREK, a weekend adventure into the bustling world…

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Four Leadership Lessons from a Living Legend

We caught up with John Beilein (U-M Basketball Coach from 2007–2019) this September when he stopped by to share the wisdom…

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Aspirations Take Flight at MPowered Innovation Challenge

On the evening of September 18, 2023, as the sun dipped below the horizon outside the Duderstadt building, the MPowered…

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Student Spotlight: Akhila Kosaraju

From running a humble lemonade stand to supporting climate-positive businesses, U-M Masters student Akhila Kosaraju’s journey with entrepreneurship has been…

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