Picture this: a buzzing atmosphere filled with eager minds, all curious and captivated by the ever-changing world of innovation. This was the scene at the recent Trends in Tech Talk event hosted by the Center for Entrepreneurship. The room was charged with anticipation as students delved into the realms of mobility and electrification, exploring the very heartbeat of modern technology.

Within this electrifying setting, the event welcomed a distinguished guest, Alisyn Malek, a proud alumna of the University of Michigan. With degrees in Mechanical Engineering and Energy Systems Engineering, Alisyn’s journey had taken her from the corridors of General Motors to the landscape of innovative startups. Her story was not just one of professional success but a testament to unyielding determination and an unwavering passion for clean energy.

Alisyn’s narrative was nothing short of inspiring. She had navigated the intricate world of Venture Capital Investment, co-founded May Mobility, served as Managing Director at Newlab Detroit, and founded Middle Third Consulting. In a surprising revelation, she announced her new venture with SkillFusion, adding another exciting chapter to her already impressive career. But beyond her accomplishments, what truly resonated with the audience was her infectious enthusiasm.

During the discussion, Alisyn shared the secrets of her success and the driving force behind her journey. Her message was clear: embrace your passion and never stop asking the hard questions. It was a powerful reminder that in the ever-evolving landscape of electric mobility, curiosity was the key to innovation.

As if her insights weren’t enough, Alisyn had even more to offer. She was gearing up to co-instruct the first-ever cohort of the Perot Jain Tech Lab – Electrification, providing students with a unique opportunity to learn from a true industry expert. Her involvement promised to shape the future technologists and entrepreneurs, guiding them towards their dreams in the electrification of mobility.

Alisyn’s presence at Trends in Tech Talk wasn’t just a speech; it was a shining example of inspiration. Her words echoed to the attendees, lighting a path for them to follow. With her energy, expertise, and invaluable advice, she had left a lasting mark on the future pioneers, urging them to chase their aspirations fearlessly in the ever-changing world of technology

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