The Center for Entrepreneurship connects our University of Michigan students to entrepreneurial alumni and cutting-edge industry leaders across the globe.

By creating regional hubs of activity, beyond stand-alone initiatives, we are unleashing Ann Arbor’s pipeline of innovative talent to those alumni and companies that will help us create the next generation of entrepreneurs.


The Center is a portal for alumni and innovative partners to connect to the University’s entrepreneurial community through:

  • Internship placements
  • Hosting hands-on student education
  • Alumni-to-alumni connections (Workshops, meetups, panel sessions)
  • Alumni-to-student connections (mentorship, student startup advising, class projects)
  • Corporate innovation training

In addition to connecting students and faculty members to Michigan’s global network, the Center connects alumni to one another through one-on-one outreach and regional events.

We want to hear from you! Reach out to the Eric Bacyinski (, tag us TwitterInstagram, and Facebook, or give us a call at (734) 763-2918.

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