Enrollment is officially upon us! It’s time to browse courses and start planning out your schedule. We know, it can all be a bit intimidating. Don’t panic!

Whether you’ve always been interested in entrepreneurship or you’re just looking to fill some credit requirements, ENTR courses offer something for everyone. They’re open to students from all schools and colleges, and count as electives for undergrads, cognates for Master and PhD students.

If you’re looking to set yourself apart and diversify your learning fall semester, take a look at these 5 can’t-miss courses offered in Fall 2023.

1) EHour Speaker Series 

If you’re going to take one ENTR course, make it this one! This weekly, in-person seminar series invites disruptive, influential, and respected entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, and business leaders in a TEDTalk-style presentation about their personal experiences founding, financing, and managing a startup venture. ENTR 407 is a 1 credit pass/fail course, so it won’t put too much strain on your schedule.

Class number: 18394

2) Intro to Entrepreneurial Design 

This 3 credit course has something for everyone! We invites aspiring designers, hackers, and makers from across all 19 schools/colleges to build foundational knowledge of entrepreneurial design. Each week, students will be introduced to a new tool towards the creation of an entrepreneurial toolkit and will have the opportunity to apply these tools to work being completed in a hands-on lab. Current lab options include: AR/VR/XR; 3-D Printing; Hardware, Coding and IoT, so you can customize your learning to your interests.

Class number: IoT lab+lecture // 3DP lab+lecture, 28557 // XR lab+lecture, 28558

3) Organizational Values & Ethics in Startups

This is a must for anyone who plans to run their own startup. Drawing on real-life experiences and real-world companies, this course prepares students from all majors to examine ethical decision-making in the workplace by providing an opportunity to analyze ethical dilemmas, concepts, and ideas in order to develop strategies for addressing them. The impact of ethical concerns on entrepreneurs, start-ups, and the broader community will be explored through case studies, media, critically and intentionally thinking through dialogue, and the creation of team projects. This 2 credit course course combines self-reflective exercises, development, and analytical and practical skills for understanding the value of workplace ethics.

Undergraduate class number: 24736, Grad-level class number: 23639

4) Organizational Management: How to Build a Killer Team 

Want to become an expert at managing people and leading teams? This 2 credit course is designed to teach the fundamentals of building and managing a world-class team by identifying and prioritizing the “who” (human resource capital), the “what” (skill sets) and “why” needed for your venture to grow and thrive. Transdisciplinary students will learn about the role of the CEO, the priorities and responsibilities of board members, and the team dynamics in a typical start-up environment. Students will also learn how to “sell” their ideas and vision to employees, investors, board members, partners and others.

Undergraduate class number: 23638, Grad-level class number: 28560

5) Creativity & Product Design

Looking to develop your creativity? This 3cr course delves into the importance of creativity and storytelling in product development, two key elements that are often overlooked. You’ll discover the pivotal role they play in designing innovative products and how to harness them effectively. You’ll learn techniques for developing your creativity and enhancing your communication skills while exploring and prototyping new product ideas. The course equips you with a deeper knowledge and understanding of the product development process, which will enable you to become a more efficient team player, problem solver, and leader. Creativity and storytelling will help you stand out in a changing business environment, where these are among the highest value skills!

Class number: 33602

We hope these courses give you some inspiration for your schedule! Looking for more options? Check out all available ENTR courses here. 

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