Lego head shouting "Everything is awesome!"

The Lego Movie really got things right when it comes to being an entrepreneur: Everything is awesome!

Seriously, though, being an entrepreneur has so many perks. Sure, there are lots and lots of difficult parts of being an entrepreneur, but starting your own company or seeing your idea become a reality can make it all worth it.

Here are just ten reasons being an entrepreneur is totally awesome:


1. Having the ability to be creative on the job. 










2. Choosing where you want to work. 









3. No two days are the same. 
















4. Setting your own schedule.

















5. Getting to hone your leadership skills. 












6. Choosing who you work with. 








7. Shaping your own career. 
















8. Making an impact on people’s lives. 









9. Meeting like-minded people. 










10. Loving what you do. 
















The CFE has programs and courses meant to introduce you to what entrepreneurship is. See how the skills you’ve gained through your major can be harnessed to bring your ideas to life. Check out to hear about fellow students from across the University of Michigan who have discovered entrepreneurship and the potential for a new career they hadn’t thought about before reaching U-M.

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