As we near the end of another academic year, we’d like to celebrate a major milestone: the graduation of our stellar Instructional Aides (IAs) for ENTR courses! These remarkable individuals have played a huge supporting role to faculty and enrolled students throughout the academic year, and their accomplishments are worth celebrating.

Picture this: a group of dedicated minds, hustlers extraordinaire, now ready to take on the world as they bid farewell to their roles as IAs and embrace what’s next. From sparking innovative startup ideas to guiding their peers through the intricacies of business plans, they’ve done it all with passion and flair.

Read on to learn more about some of our graduating IAs and join us in honoring them as they embark on their next chapter. 

Jared Bonebright

Since Winter 2022, Jared has been an integral part of ENTR courses. Jared, who studied Economics with minors in Philosophy and Business, has shown his passion and dedication throughout his five-semester tenure as an IA. Now, it’s time for him to embark on his next professional endeavor. After graduation, Jared is headed to Washington, D.C. to work for Capital One in their business analyst development rotational program. As he begins this new chapter, he reflects on his time at the CFE with gratitude and valuable insights. According to Jared, “A lot of life and your career is going to be defined by luck. It’s up to you to put yourself in positions where you can get lucky and be ready to capitalize on the luck when it comes.”

His perspective encapsulates the essence of entrepreneurship—preparation meets opportunity. Jared’s journey underscores the importance of proactive effort in achieving success, whether in securing a job, funding a business, or making crucial connections. His advice to undergraduate students echoes this sentiment: “Take CFE classes! Entrepreneurship is learning how to enact change, so even if you don’t want to start a business it will help you in nearly any career.” We applaud Jared for his outstanding contributions and wish him continued success in his future endeavors.

Adele Lowitz

Introducing Adele Lowitz, a powerhouse in Organizational Studies and Cognitive Science, who has dedicated 2 years to enriching our ENTR courses as an instructional aide. Adele’s passion for entrepreneurship and commitment to learning have made her an invaluable asset to our community. As she prepares to begin her professional journey in consulting in New York City, Adele will take with her the valuable lessons she’s learned at U-M. According to Adele, “I have learned so much from the courses I have IA’d in the CFE! I loved learning from the incredible guest speakers in EHour and Entrepreneurial Marketing.” Her experience underscores the value of immersive learning and exposure to diverse perspectives.

 Adele’s advice for aspiring entrepreneurs echoes her proactive approach: “There are so many resources on campus that work with entrepreneurs—go check them out!” We commend Adele for her excellent work, and we can’t wait to see what she achieves next!

Daniel Durocher

Next up, we are pleased to introduce Daniel Durocher, a student in Industrial and Operations Engineering, who has dedicated four semesters to serving as an IA for ENTR courses. Daniel’s unwavering commitment to learning and collaboration has left a mark on our community. As he looks ahead to his professional journey, Daniel expresses a desire to continue learning, connecting with intriguing individuals, and contributing to the collective success of his team. Reflecting on his time at the CFE, Daniel emphasizes the importance of building relationships with professors, noting, “Get to know your professors. They have gone through similar situations and can provide advice on what they think the best course of action is.” 

For undergraduate students aspiring to venture into entrepreneurship, Daniel offers sage advice: “First, be open to change. Your initial idea may have flaws, and you can use any and all comments (good or bad) to construct an even better product or service.” With teamwork and continuous feedback, success is not just achievable—it’s inevitable. We’re grateful for Daniel’s hard work and we look forward to celebrating his future successes.

Sommer Motley

Meet Sommer Motley, a standout student in Biomedical Engineering. Through her involvement as a Program Assistant and IA, Sommer discovered her passion for project management, interdisciplinary healthcare, and networking. As Sommer gears up for her next professional chapter, joining Stryker in clinical research, she reflects on the invaluable lessons learned at the CFE. “Starting something new and outside of your comfort zone can feel daunting, but the CFE creates a safe space for you to experiment with your interests and skills,” she shares. 

Sommer’s journey exemplifies the transformative impact of interdisciplinary education and proactive engagement with entrepreneurship. This is a name you won’t want to forget – we’re going to see great things from her in the future!

Daniella Chait

Meet Daniella Chait, a Mechanical Engineering student whose curiosity about transforming small ideas into impactful ventures ignited her passion for entrepreneurship. Introduced to the Center for Entrepreneurship (CFE) through Dr. Aaron Crumm, Daniella seized the opportunity to explore the dynamic world of startups as an Instructional Aide for ENTR 500. Through this experience, she learned the importance of flexibility, openness to change, and the power of creativity in the startup journey.

As Daniella prepares to join GE Aerospace in their Operations Management Leadership Program (OMLP), she offers valuable advice to undergraduate students: “Go to all the events and speakers. Your network is your most important tool.” We’re grateful for Daniella’s dedication, and we can’t wait to see what she achieves in the future!

Jana Zogbi

Next up is Jana Zogbi, an Economics major whose journey into entrepreneurship began with a transformative study abroad experience in Porto, Portugal. “Within three weeks of startup boot camp, I went from being clueless to feeling like I had true knowledge and experience in this field,” she recalls. Introduced to the CFE by Christine Gordon, Jana has since been an integral part of the team, serving as an Instructional Aide. Reflecting on her experience, she emphasizes, “Both my experience in Entrepreneurship classes and as an IA shaped my curiosity of the creative side of entrepreneurship.”

As Jana prepares to graduate, she looks forward to applying her skills as a business analyst at Discover Financial Services in Chicago. Her advice to undergraduate students? “Find your best learning style and immerse yourself in hands-on experiences,” she suggests. “Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone and try something new.” We’re grateful for Jana’s work at the CFE and we wish her all the best!

Grace Garmo

Grace’s passion for creativity and innovation shines through in her work in UX Design and as an IA for the CFE. As she prepares to transition to a role in Product Management at McMaster-Carr in Chicago, she reflects on her time at the CFE.

“There’s truly no limit to creativity,” she shares. “If you think you’ve already seen all there is outside the box, keep thinking!” Her advice to undergraduate students interested in entrepreneurship echoes her own journey: “Ask all of your questions. It can seem confusing and scary, but we are always here for you.”

We applaud Grace for achievements so far, and wish her an exciting journey into the tech ethics space.

As we wrap up another academic year, we’re thrilled to celebrate the incredible journey of our graduating IAs. These trailblazers have left an indelible mark on our community, inspiring us with their passion, dedication, and innovative spirit.

From sparking startup ideas to guiding their peers through the nuances of entrepreneurship, these graduates have shown creativity, collaboration, and resilience. As they bid farewell to their roles as IAs and embark on their next chapter, we honor their achievements and celebrate the impact they’ve had on our community.

Cheers to our trailblazers in training, and here’s to the bright futures that lie ahead!

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