Company/Project Name: Bambú 

Founder: Luis Fernando Solano

Project Summary: As a university, sustainable initiatives have been great, but when looking through the lens of campus life, it drastically decreases. Usually we emphasize sustainability and eco-friendliness, but we often find ourselves lacking the resources to make this a way of life.

What are you looking for? I’m currently looking for people to continue customer discovery, and I would be more than happy to connect with alum turned entrepreneurs as mentors or those who focus on sustainability for advice.


Company/Project Name: ParkTime Inc. Abbas Kagal

Founder: Abbas Kagal 

Project Summary: ParkTime is a mobile/web platform that allows users to reserve private parking spaces ahead of time. ParkTime creates value by allowing anyone to list their private space and generate revenue from an untapped resource.

What are you looking for? ParkTime is currently in the development phase and we are looking for professionals in the software engineering field (specifically app development and UI) to help guide our steps in taking our prototype to market.


MiarsCompany/Project Name: Spacecraft Charging Monitor

Founder: Grant Miars

Project Summary: This novel device monitors changes to a spacecraft’s voltage (or potential), protecting satellites and providing operators with critical information on its status. Its low cost and accessibility allows for use across the commercial, science, and defense space industries.

What are you looking for? Looking for prospective business partners and fireside chats with alumni in the space industry.

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