Curriculum and Experiential Learning Assistant Director


Bio: Committed to enhancing the academic experience for students, Christine is involved in collaborative program and project management of curricular and co-curricular entrepreneurial offerings at both the graduate and undergraduate levels. Christine is a liaison and mentor for students enrolled in CFE’s courses and programs. She contributes to CFE’s Education Programs Team via curriculum development, the creation of enrichment opportunities, syllabi review and mapping, management of CFE lecturers, staff, guest speakers, and external program advisors, championing ENTR courses as campus-wide elective departmental PCDC credit, as well as through dedicated marketing and outreach efforts that provide impactful entrepreneurship content to students.

Christine is also CFE’s point person for CFE’s entrepreneurially minded summer study abroad offerings in partnership with IPE: Entrepreneurship and Innovation at NTU in Singapore, Innovation and Entrepreneurship Practicum+Internship in Scandinavia and European Innovation Academy in Italy and Portugal.

Christine’s professional background is in education. She holds a Post-Graduate Certificate in Educational Leadership of the International Baccalaureate from Oakland University, Master of Arts in Curriculum and Instruction from San Diego State University, and Bachelors of Science in Education from Eastern Michigan University.

Prior to joining the CFE team, Christine was a classroom teacher in Michigan, Florida, Texas, and California as well as extracurricular coach in art history for the University Interscholastic League and manager of Science Olympiads. Christine also steadfastly served her local communities both home and abroad through a myriad of volunteer efforts, partnerships, and advisory board appointments, the creation and execution of numerous philanthropic events, cross-cultural educational outreach in diplomatic support capacities, and is a well-researched, passionate educational advocate.

Courses Taught:

ENTR 407.001 – Entrepreneurship Hour

ENTR 417.001 – Entrepreneurship Hour Discussion