Special Limited Partner, Transmedia Capital LLC

Bio: Rick Borenstein has been an entrepreneur and a venture capitalist for the past 30 plus years. Rick was President of Wells Fargo Investment Company (a bank owned SBIC) at the end of his 10 year stint at Wells Fargo Bank. The fund he ran produced double digit multiples of invested capital for its limited partners. He left Wells and started 5 companies in quick succession culminating in a CAD/CAM software company named I.M.S.I. which he took public in 1987.

Also in 1987, Rick co-founded Sequoia Partners, a “boutique” information technology M&A firm operating primarily on the West Coast.  Together with his partner, Sequoia represented over 250 software and services firms for sale over the ensuing 25 years. In addition, as managing member of Bonanza Management, LLC, Rick organized and syndicated two dozen venture investments with the financial support of many of the successful entrepreneurs (AKA “alumni”) who benefited from Sequoia’s services. Over 70% of these seed investments resulted in successful exits to larger public companies.

For the past few years, Rick has participated in the venture world as a Special Limited Partner of Transmedia Capital LLC, an early stage venture capital company specializing in digital media. In addition, he has been an active mentor to the startups in Kicklabs, a technology company accelerator based in San Francisco. Part of Rick’s role at TMC is to act as an advisor to many of the portfolio companies, a role that has expanded into Board membership at three startups. He also regularly advises companies referred to him by larger venture firms he has provided services to in the past.

Rick graduated from the University of Michigan (LS&A) and received his MBA from Harvard Business School. Rick has recently served on the Board of Trustees of National Public Radio and currently serves on the Board of CFE as well as two additional non-profit boards. Rick lives in Marin County with his wife Leilani.