A new school year is always exciting! Reconnecting with friends, moving into a new dorm or apartment, and even going back to your favorite campus coffee shop are all things to look forward to. As summer comes to an end, it’s time to start thinking about the year ahead.

Even with all the exciting possibilities of a new year, it can definitely feel daunting at times. Assignments, deadlines, and cramming lurk on the horizon, which can feel a bit like being trapped in the Upside Down.

Have no fear – it’s not as scary as it seems! We’ve gathered some of our favorite Stranger Things moments that sum up the start of the school year. Enjoy!

1. Freshmen trying to find their way around campus on the first week of class:

2. How it feels walking into class in a brand-new outfit:

3. Stocking up on all the essential late-night study snacks before the semester starts:

4. When your new professor is really intense:

This is life or death. Snap snap. Let's go!

5. When you get to see your friends after a long summer away:

6. Trying to find your classroom in a building you’ve never even seen before:

7. When your parents start asking you about finals:

Yeah, I'll pass.

8. When you get the syllabi for your classes and see how many due dates there are:

9. When your new group project team member wants to do all the work:

I need you to trust me.

10. Chatting with classmates after acing an exam:

11. Meeting with your advisor for the first time:

"We've got some questions." "Lots of questions."

12. When you see someone sitting at your favorite study spot at the Dude:

Yeah, that's right! You better run!

13. When you go to take a “quick” study break and accidentally spend an hour scrolling on Tik Tok:

You're wasting your time.

14. When it’s time to start a paper and all you have so far is your name:

If you keep staring at that, it's not gonna change.

15. Explaining your new unconventional study method:

It's a theory.

16. Realizing that no matter how daunting the new semester may seem, you’ve got this!

We have a plan.

Feeling overwhelmed about the year ahead? The Center for Entrepreneurship is here to help you achieve your goals. Make an appointment with a CFE advisor here.

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