MPowered is the University of Michigan’s oldest and largest entrepreneurship organization. Their goal is to bring together major companies and outstanding students to collaborate on creative, mutually beneficial initiatives across campus.
The organization has several initiatives throughout the academic school year from pitch competitions to career fairs. Hear from those who have participated so far this semester to see if any interest you.

Startup Career Fair

Startup Career Fair is MPowered’s annual career fair that is typically held in the middle of February. The event brings startups from all across the nation to meet with University of Michigan students. When in person, the event is typically held in the Duderstadt center on North Campus bringing together students from a wide range of school. This year, companies attended virtually and allowed for students to meet with companies 1 on 1 or in a group setting. The event allowed students to meet up-and-coming startups and get a taste of what working at a small company might feel like.
           – Josh Virk, Business, Junior, VP Marketing


Makeathon is a super fun 36 hour long product design competition. With 24 teams competing  this year, there were two competitions: one being open product and the other being CAD based. MPowered subsidizes up to $50 worth of materials for the project. In previous years, the event was held on North Campus and had materials and machinery available to aid contestants in the competition. I had an enjoyable time at Makeathon this year and loved working with my team to create our product even though we didn’t win.
           – Nathan Koh, Undeclared, Freshman, Talent Member

1000 Pitches

1000 Pitches was a quick and easy way for me to pitch an entrepreneurial idea to a pitch competition. I saw them in Haven Hall both my Freshman and Junior year and decided to stop by their booth. It was super easy to pitch and only took about 30 seconds of my time. I then was given a free T-shirt and some other goodies. While my idea was not selected, I was told that there is a ceremony that is held for the winners of the pitch competition where they could win up to $1000 for their idea. I had a super good time and still wear the T-shirt I got to this day.
           – Alex Joseph, a Junior majoring in Economics, no affiliation to MPowered

To learn more about MPowered and how you might get involved, visit
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