Get ready for a hauntingly good time as we dive headless into the world of entrepreneurship this spooky season! Picture a realm where monsters, ghouls, and unearthly creatures are signing up for ENTR courses to sharpen their professional skills and brew up some mischievous fun. Now, step into our eerie classroom and explore which one might just be the ‘fright’ fit for your Winter 2024 semester.

The Headless HorsemanHeadless horseman

Entrepreneurial Marketing

ENTR 413

This villain may be a legend in Sleepy Hollow, but he’s looking to spread fear around the world. In order to become the most feared and successful villain of all time, he’s going to need to know a thing or two about branding. In this course, he’ll learn how to market his eerie persona and instill fear in small towns everywhere. 

Frankenstein's Monster

Frankenstein’s Monster

Intro to Entrepreneurial Design

ENTR 390.005

This monster may be the creation of Dr. Frankenstein, but he’s ready to take a “stab” at designing something of his own. In this course, he’ll learn the basics of entrepreneurial design, potentially bringing new and innovative products to life. (Hopefully it works out better this time around!)


Finding Your Venture

ENTR 410

While she may have been buried in a marvel of engineering and spent the last several centuries disintegrating, the mummy thinks it’s time to start building something of her own. This course introduces a framework that will help her design and pitch her latest business idea without getting “wrapped up” in all the small details.

Grim Reaper

Grim Reaper

Organizational Management in Startups

ENTR 490.014

Reaping souls is a full-time job. Grim is tired of being a one-man show, and he’s decided it’s time to scale his business with new team members. In this course, he’ll learn how to efficiently manage the organizational aspects of his business and build a “killer” team to help him along the way.


Org Values and Ethics in Startups 

ENTR 390.050/599.050

Values and ethics are things the Count lacks even after centuries. He needs all the help he can get, especially before he starts looking for new “members” to join his “team.” This course examines ethical decision-making in the workplace, using real-life examples to inform best practices. Perhaps this lesson in ethics will turn this vampire from scary to sensational!


Entrepreneurship Hour

ENTR 407

There has to be more to life than howling at the moon, right? This werewolf is looking for some fresh inspiration. That’s where EHour comes in! Each week, the course invites disruptive, influential, and respected entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, and business leaders to share their personal experiences. Just as the full moon transforms this creature from man to wolf, the knowledge gained in this course just may turn this creature of the night into a full-fledged entrepreneur.


Entrepreneurial E-Commerce

ENTR 390.011 / ENTR 599.311

It’s not easy to do business when you’re incorporeal. This ghost has been floating around aimlessly, wondering how to give her afterlife some purpose. In the e-commerce world, she can establish a digital presence even without a physical body! In this course, she’ll learn the basics of buying and selling online. Who knows, business may just become her new “boo.”

Feeling inspired by these creatures of the night? Kick off your entrepreneurial journey today. Visit to learn how we can help.

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