Have you ever wondered what the CFE’s faculty do outside of class? Besides their day jobs, most run the businesses they’ve started. Many can be found sharing their experiences with the community through podcasts, blogs, webinars, and speaking engagements.


Join Brian Hayden and Mike McFall as they bring their unparalleled expertise as founders to Clubhouse Events every Thursday, host up-and-coming entrepreneurs, and act as an impromptu advisory board for the featured guest!

Michael J. MCFall and Brian Hayden sitting on swings on the University of Michgian's North Campus GroveHear from the tireless and multifaceted Eric Fretz, the Chair of Region 9 Veterans Community Action Team (VCAT9) and veteran himself, passionately discuss the Veterans Administration’s national effort to engage local communities with vets. Or learn about the Michigan Waffle House Club, Photoaster, and Michigan Marriage Pact – which all started as projects for his Entrepreneurial Creativity class.   

Find David Tarver’s lifelong passion, the Urban Entrepreneurship Initiative. A Flint native who returned to the state, David founded UEI in 2014 to empower entrepreneurs in creating sustainable, scalable businesses that address the needs of urban communities. In bringing Urban Entrepreneurship students to this mindset, each semester David curates a tour of Detroit to meet with local startup founders IRL.

Travel with one of the CFE’s Practicum instructors Grace Hsia to the Windy City, as we honor and applaud her for being selected as a speaker at the Generis 2022 American Medical Device Summit! She will cover “Small Medtech, Big Ideas: Early Stage Innovation Plans for Small Companies” given her once upon a time undergraduate project that became a socially responsible infant warming company, Warmilu. Grace Hsia holding up products from her Warmilu company

Looking to explore possible career paths? Participate in a free interactive webinar provided by Amy Cell Talent designed to help you plan an effective job search. Amy’s Project Management and Consulting class for those with senior standing and above is always a purposeful and popular elective, too!

These are just a few of the CFE’s faculty who are practicing entrepreneurs that walk-the-walk inside and outside the classroom. Learn more about these tireless, innovative entrepreneurs by visiting our faculty page.

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