Parker’s lifelong love for entrepreneurship started during the dot-com boom, right as he embarked on his grad school journey at Michigan. Working at a startup served as a melodic transition from the world of labs and pilot plants to the harmonies of business and management. As Parker recalls, “It was a great learning experience, a transitional period that broadened my perspective.”

His entrepreneurial path took the form of a business advisory and consulting journey. Over the years, Parker has immersed himself in the intricate world of small manufacturing companies, getting to know their owners and leaders intimately. Reflecting on this, he shares, “They run complex businesses and do incredible things. They face the issues of entrepreneurs but have really unique challenges in managing their teams, technology, and organization.”

Introduced to the CFE through his role at the Economic Growth Institute, Parker brings his wealth of experience to the classroom. Teaching alongside colleagues who lead student team projects, he merges the academic and practical aspects seamlessly. When asked about what compels him to teach at the CFE, Parker emphasizes, “I get to work with fantastic students and help them bridge the gap between theory and real-world application.”

What ignites Parker’s passion for teaching? It’s the students, with their boundless curiosity and motivation. He loves guiding them through projects, transforming unfamiliar concepts into practical skills. Parker expresses his satisfaction, saying, “It’s rewarding to see them achieve so much in a semester. My aim is for them to leave with experiences and skills that will benefit their future careers.”

Beyond the classroom and entrepreneurial endeavors, Parker’s free time is a blend of creativity and adventure. He spends time at the piano, occasionally rocking out with keyboards and synths in a garage band. His love for travel takes center stage, and Parker is ready for more adventures on the horizon.

For students eager to explore entrepreneurship or engage with the CFE, Parker has some words of wisdom. He shares, “I wish these courses were available when I was in college! Try to explore and take something different. Whether you launch a venture or not, I think these courses provide an invaluable perspective, and you can broaden your skill set as you embark on your career.”

In Parker Finn, the CFE has found a maestro of entrepreneurial education, weaving experiences into a captivating melody for the next generation of innovators and business leaders.

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