With a full semester of an all remote Entrepreneurship Hour in the books this fall, the Center for Entrepreneurship is excited for this winter’s lineup.

“I’m positively thrilled to be having some of the world’s most innovative, society-shaping brands featured at EHour this semester,” said E-Hour instructor, Eric Bacyinski.

Featuring leaders focused on Urban Entrepreneurship to Mobility and Climate Change to FoodTech, the guests this semester will discuss future trends, controversial issues, and entry-level career advice that students have asked to know more about.

Alum. Avi Garbow (Patagonia), Josh Tetrick (JUST), Kate Schox, and Sara Spangelo (with more to be announced) will help students gain a better perspective of entrepreneurship and how to gain the entry-level career they want.

“This semester’s guests include the nation’s leading environmental lawyer under President Obama, the founder who introduced the world to lab-grown meat this past fall, a leading mobility VC from Silicon Valley, and a CEO constantly in the headlines for her company’s unapologetic approach to space technology,” said Bacyinski. He mentioned that he sought out speakers that reflected topics, industries, and issues students had suggested interest in for the future.

To keep up with the ever-changing innovations of modern industry, Bacyinski will lead a discussion with each alum to get their take on new technologies, how to raise capital, and the lessons they may have learned the hard way to help students avoid the same pitfalls.

“Frankly, we’d never be able to secure these dozen guests if we were hosting class in-person,” said Bacyinski. “Having EHour operate remotely has few silver-linings and being able to feature this line-up of cutting-edge innovators and brands is one of them.”

Come engage with this weekly discussion and explore what entrepreneurship is all about. E-Hour is available every Friday afternoon Winter ‘21 via Zoom.

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