Vicki stands at the front of the classroom speaking to students.

Vicki Powell, a distinguished alumna of the Entrepreneurial Leadership Program (ELP) and the innovative founder of a groundbreaking health-tech startup, recently made a triumphant return to North Campus. Engaging with students enrolled in CFE experiential learning courses, Vicki shared her remarkable journey and the invaluable insights gleaned from her experiences in the world of entrepreneurship.

From the outset of her academic career, Vicki’s passion for leveraging technology to drive positive change in healthcare was evident. Her decision to pursue mechanical engineering at U-M, despite being halfway across the globe, was a testament to her unwavering commitment to this vision. It was during her time as a member of ELP’s second cohort that Vicki’s entrepreneurial spirit truly flourished. The program equipped her with the knowledge and skills necessary to navigate the complexities of startup creation and management, setting her on a path towards innovation and impact.

Students listen as Vicki speaks.

Following her tenure at U-M, Vicki honed her expertise during nearly five years at Apple, where she immersed herself in product development and gained valuable insights into manufacturing supply chains. However, it was her time at Oxford University pursuing an MBA that served as the catalyst for her venture. There, she met her co-founder, Dr. Jonathan Moustakis, and together they laid the foundation for their revolutionary startup, Lume.

Lume, Vicki’s brainchild, is a wearable technology company that pioneers a novel scientific approach to measuring circadian rhythms, catering to the burgeoning market of wearable health technology. The company also served as the focal point of the Winter 2024 ELP curriculum.

During her visit to campus, Vicki engaged with students, offering invaluable insights into her founder pathway and the systematic approach she employs as CEO of Lume. Her discussions with the ELP cohort underscored the transformative impact of the program and the enduring support of its alumni community, particularly in the San Francisco area.

In addition to her interactions with the ELP cohort, Vicki hosted a lunch session with female students aspiring to pursue entrepreneurial careers. Here, she fielded questions ranging from building effective teams to navigating the journey from academia to entrepreneurship. Vicki’s willingness to share her experiences and advice resonated deeply with the students, reaffirming the importance of mentorship and community in the entrepreneurial ecosystem.

As Lume continues to innovate and disrupt the wearable technology landscape, Vicki Powell’s story serves as a beacon of inspiration for future innovators. Her return to campus not only highlights the transformative power of entrepreneurial education but also reinforces the ELP and CFE’s commitment to nurturing the next generation of entrepreneurial leaders.

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