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Entrepreneurs Leadership Program (ELP)



The Entrepreneurs Leadership Program provides deep training and mentorship for a select cohort of students to develop the functional, managerial, and leadership skills that differentiate the good from the great entrepreneurs. It equips some of the University of Michigan’s most driven minds with a rigorous experiential curriculum to lead them onto an entrepreneurial path during and after their college career.

We are looking for the most driven, passionate and talented students to join a strong network of entrepreneur peers and mentors. Will that be you?

Entrepreneurs Leadership Program Details:

The ELP Experience is a year-long fellowship program that combines teaching, mentorship, and training.

  • Students study entrepreneurial leadership, strategy, and culture through the 3-Credit Entrepreneurial Leadership Course (Winter semester) and 3-Credit Entrepreneurial Action and Vision Course (Fall semester)
    • Both ELP courses are compatible with the Minor in Entrepreneurship and PCDC credit (College of Engineering)
  • Students have exclusive access to meetings with founders, investors, executives and other notable entrepreneurs in class, on Global Treks, and campus events
  • Students gain hands-on experience over the summer working in an entrepreneurial ecosystem by completing an internship at a growing startup, starting a venture, or shadowing an entrepreneurial leader
    • The CFE will provide exclusive access to internship at growing startups and mentorship opportunities with successful and active entrepreneurs. Through this process the CFE guarantees each ELP student at least one interview for a paid summer internship at a venture-backed startup; however, it is the responsibility of the student to secure the internship. The CFE guarantees interviews will take place from the start of January to the end of February.
    • The CFE will provide as much support as possible, including aiding in negotiating any offer for employment with the student. Further, the CFE can provide significant financial support for summer internships at startups based one or more of the following conditions:
      • CoE Students
      • Women majoring in Computer Science
      • Venture-backed startup internships
      • Non-profit startup internships

  • ELP is open to students from all schools and colleges, academic programs, and years


Alex Samra-attachment

Alex Samra
Aerospace Engineering | Class of 2021

Anastasia Bergeron-attachment

Anastasia Bergeron
English | Class of 2021

Anil Towlani-attachment

Anil Tolwani
Statistics | Class of 2022

Atharva Talpade (1)-attachment

Atharva Talpade
Computer Science | Class of 2021


Connor Flanigan
Mechanical Engineering | Class of 2022

Emily Tumminia-attachment

Emily Tumminia
Organizational Studies (intended) | Class of 2021

Garrett Wilson-attachment

Garrett Wilson
Business Administration | Class of 2021

Hayley Vassallo-attachment

Hayley Vassallo
Business Administration | Class of 2021

Isha Bhatt 1-attachment

Isha Bhatt
Electrical Engineering | Class of 2021

Jacob Quinn-attachment

Jacob Quinn
Electrical Engineering | Class of 2021

James Choi-attachment

James Choi
Economics | Class of 2019 (December) 

Jane Kitaevich 1-attachment

Jane Kitaevich
Social Sciences (PhD) | Class of 2021

Margeaux Fortin-attachment

Margeaux Fortin
Economics | Class of 2022

Michael Yufa-attachment

Michael Yufa
Engineering | Class of 2019 (December) 

Mira Kaufman-attachment

Mira Kaufman
Business Administration | Class of 2021 

Natalia Sanchez-attachment

Natalia Sanchez
Engineering | Class of 2022

Nishant Patel-attachment

Nishant Patel
Computer Science/Data Science | Class of 2021

Noah Finer-attachment

Noah Finer
Computer Science | Class of 2022

Parker Trombley-attachment

Parker Trombley
Aerospace Engineering | Class of 2021

Patrick Neggie-attachment

Patrick Neggie
Computer Science | Class of 2021

Sean Stapleton-attachment

Sean Stapleton
Computer Science | Class of 2020

Sunny Singh-attachment

Sunny Singh
Biomedical Engineering | Class of 2022

Zach Simpson-attachment

Zach Simpson
Computer Engineering | Class of 2020


Nick Moroz
Program Director

Emilee Studley
Program Specialist 


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