ENTR 599.021 Special Topic: Entrepreneurial Creativity & Product Development

Explore the vital role of creativity and storytelling in product development, often overlooked yet essential. Learn how these elements drive innovation and how to leverage them effectively. Develop your creativity, communication skills, and prototyping abilities to shape new product ideas. Gain deeper insights into the product development process, enhancing your teamwork, problem-solving, and leadership skills. Stand out in today’s dynamic business landscape by mastering these high-value skills. (Fall term only)


Project Management Consulting


In this course you will acquire essential skills and tools utilized in the consulting world. Engage in real-world, team-based consulting...

Entrepreneurship Hour (EHour) Speaker Series


An adrenaline-pumping intimate interview seminar that gathers trailblazing, game-changing entrepreneurs from around the globe. Brace yourself as they reveal their...

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