5 People You’d Meet If Entrepreneurship Was Like Football Finally, it’s football season! It’s time to tailgate, sing Mr. Brightside at the Big House, and sport your favorite Michigan gear. Believe it or not, entrepreneurship can be just as exciting as football. Taking risks, celebrating wins, and keeping tabs on the competition can feel like a constant sporting event. Read on to discover the five people you’d meet if entrepreneurship was like football. Cheerleader Business partners, friends and family, and early supporters are always ready to give you a boost of positivity and affirmation. They’ll reassure you that you are making progress and that your idea is a good one. These folks have your back no matter how things are going. So go team go! Rival Everyone has a rival, a competitor who wants to take you down. They spend all their time perfecting what they are doing to beat you at your own game. You know there are others in your industry, but for some reason, your rival is the one company/individual that you feel you’ll measure your success if you can just do better than them. So keep the drive going, use it as emotional fuel, and continue to strive to be your best. Referee These are the regulators, the rule makers (both officially and unofficially) deciding what is allowed, what is not, and what is necessary to keep people safe. They decide how to report investments, testing of products, and how you can pitch it to the public. Referees aren’t fun, but they are required to help keep order and make sure that everyone is playing by the same rules and keep things as fair as possible. Quarterback Much like a quarterback, the founder leads the team by deciding on and executing the “plays.” They rally each player on the team to make sure they are headed towards the goal post they’ve set out to reach. Taking command, the quarterback’s goal is to score big for the venture by making sure everyone executes their roles. Jumbotron Social media and industry news sites are there for you to constantly see a steady stream of what’s happening. Whether you want to look up or not from what you’re doing, this constant ticker is there to let you know how you’re doing, how your competitor is doing, and what everyone thinks of your progress thus far.

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