Attention,  innovation enthusiasts and future trailblazers! Buckle up, because we’re diving headfirst into the coolest crash course in entrepreneurship – Entrepreneurship Hour. (AKA ENTR 407)

Imagine a weekly seminar series where disruptive thinkers, influential rockstars, and respected titans of industry swoop in to spill the beans on their rollercoaster rides founding, financing, and running startup ventures. 

These folks might come from different backgrounds and fields, but they all have one thing in common – an unquenchable thirst for innovation and a track record of industry-shaking success.

Hold onto your hats, because we’re about to introduce you to a cast of entrepreneurial dynamos that’ll leave you itching to chase your dreams. You’ll be able to hear their stories this semester in EHour!

Uma smiles at the camera in a professional headshot.

1) Uma Subramanian

In the world of wanderlust, Uma Subramanian soars as a trailblazing entrepreneur, fueled by passion and desire to redefine air travel. A U-M grad and aviation junkie, she launched Aero Technologies, where every flight is seamless. 

Imagine private terminals, where magic turns passengers into VIPs. Premium amenities spoil travelers throughout their airborne odyssey. But wait, there’s more! Areo’s pet paradise in the skies lets furry companions’ jet-set in style.

For Uma, this isn’t just business; it’s an exhilarating adventure to transform air travel. With Aero Technologies, the sky’s not a limit – it’s a realm of wonder, where hassle-free journeys and cherished memories take flight.

2) Ramita Tandon

Meet Ramita Tandon, the fearless Chief Clinical Trials Officer at Walgreens who’s steering the ship towards groundbreaking discoveries! 

With over two decades of battle-tested experience, Ramita isn’t just a chief – she’s the guru of real-world evidence and patient-centered outcomes. Before joining the Walgreens posse, she was the trailblazing COO at Trio Health and had a stint as the EVP of Commercialization and Outcomes at ICON. 

Ramita isn’t just crunching numbers and giving pep talks – she’s a full-throttle force of nature, zipping across the healthcare and life sciences realms like a comet. Her squad is all about smashing barriers and opening doors, jazzed up to match diverse patients with the trials they’ve been waiting for. 

So, fasten your seatbelts, because Ramita Tandon is here to shake up the world of healthcare, and it’s gonna be a wild ride! 

3) Mike Stubbs

Mike Stubbs is the innovative driving force behind FiscalNote’s turbocharged operations. He’s not just the Chief Information Officer and Senior Vice President of Global Operations, he’s a wizard making the magic happen behind the scenes. From managing tech marvels to orchestrating a global symphony of growth, Mike’s got his hands on every lever that makes FiscalNote’s engine roar.

Back in 2013, Mike hopped on board and led the charge from a tiny office to a corporate colossus. With his supercharged strategies, he’s taken FiscalNote’s headcount from a handful to a full-fledged army of 800+ fierce talents spread across the globe. 

Mike’s not just a tech whiz – he’s a jack of all trades at FiscalNote. He’s rocked roles like Chief of Staff, Corporate Communications guru, and even Head of People and Client Support & Implementation departments. 

4) Don Winter

Don Winter’s got the kind of career that reads like a blockbuster movie. Former Professor of Engineering Practice? Check. 74th Secretary of the Navy? Double check. But hold on tight, because that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Don’s been the ultimate captain of America’s Navy and Marine Corps Team, steering a ship with a budget that’s as jaw-dropping as it is massive – over $125 billion, to be exact. With nearly 900,000 people under his watch, he’s been the maestro of military might and strategy. 

It doesn’t stop there. Don’s been a key player on the global stage, dishing out advice and expertise like a seasoned pro. He’s the big shot chairing Australia’s Naval Shipbuilding Advisory Board, calling the shots on reconstructing the Royal Australian Navy’s fleet.

Don’s a guy of many hats and achievements – from pioneering technology to dropping knowledge bombs in classrooms and boardrooms. In his E-Hour talk, he’ll pass the knowledge along to you1

Kurt Skifstad headshot photo

5) Kurt Skifstad

Introducing Kurt Skifstad – a true entrepreneurial all-star! With an awe-inspiring journey solely dedicated to startups, Kurt shines as a five-time founder and a highly sought-after CEO. His dynamic experience has nurtured a profound grasp of the hurdles that creative startups brave.

But hold on, he’s not keeping all this wisdom to himself! Throughout his adventure-filled career, Kurt has been a guiding light, mentoring budding companies and enthusiastic students alike. 

Kurt has now hit his stride as the Dixon and Carol Doll Executive Director of the CFE. His passion? Crystal clear – to empower every single member of the U-M family to embrace their entrepreneurial dreams to the fullest.

Brace yourself for an unforgettable talk with Kurt this semester at EHour, where he’ll pass his entrepreneurial expertise down to you.

Have we piqued your curiosity? Stay up to date with the CFE at @umcfe on Facebook, X, and Instagram to make sure you won’t miss a session!

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