With summer just around the corner, the last thing most people (students especially) want think about is school and learning and blah, blah, blah…

Why not chill by the pool while still increasing your likelihood of being successful? Just because you aren’t in a lecture hall doesn’t mean you can’t continue to supplement your understanding of business, tech, creative thinking, leadership, or fun.

Check out a few podcasts that members of U-M’s entrepreneurship and innovation ecosystem have suggested. From across the university and the universe, these aural inspirations might just tickle your funny bone (or at least your cochlea), spark an idea, or give you insight into a successful venture.

The Future of Everything – Wall Street Journal
Jonathan Fay – MedTech Innovator

Helps people contextualize large mega-trends that will affect all of us. The Future of Everything gives a better understanding about how our world is being shaped. 

How I Built This
Eric Wingfield – External Engagement Manager at UMTRI, Lecturer in Entrepreneurship at CFE

A good characterization of the Entrepreneurship perspective and experience. This podcast delivers a narrative journey about entrepreneurs and innovators.

The Skeptics’s Guide to the Universe
F. Andy Seidl – Teach Digital Product Design at CFE and Independent Consultant

This show promotes science and critical thinking (and it’s entertaining). April 4th, 2022 was their 17th birthday and they’ve not missed a weekly episode in 17 years. I’ve been listening for 16 years. Easily my favorite podcast.

Invest Like the Best
Brian Hayden – Renewable Energy Education

Even if you don’t want to be an investor, or aspire to have a lot of money, it’s useful to understand what investors think about and sound like you know what you’re talking about.

David Tarver – CFE Lecturer

Unfiltered insights into the top tech industry intelligence, strategy, and news. The pair make bold predictions and discuss who they think came out on top for the week.

Feeding Curiosity
Eric Fretz – Navy Vet, Small Business Owner, Instructor in various colleges at U-M

The hosts tackle a wide range of “be a better human / think big thoughts” kind of topics. The hosts try to better understand the habits and routines that people use and create a blueprint to live a better life.

American Scandal
Lora Stevens – Assistant Director, I-Corps

This is a great podcast to listen to and learn from people’s mistakes. Most of the scandals featured on the podcast occurred because people were dishonest or self-serving. It shows how little lies or deceptions no matter how well-intentioned can spiral into something much bigger and affect people’s lives personally and professionally.

Pessimist’s Archive
Alanna Epstein – Education Researcher

Accessible explanations of a variety of basic and advanced physics concepts. Think of this as tackling complex scientific topics but like at a BBQ with folks using pop culture references so everyone gets it.

A16Z + BioEatsWorld
John Seamans – Manager of the Michigan Biomedical Venture Fund

Amazing stories of entrepreneurs, the often bumpy path to bring innovation into the world through a startup. You can’t help but get excited about their passion and drive … opens your mind to possibilities.

Slate Political Gabfest
Parker Finn – Assistant Director at UM’s Economic Growth Institute

The Political Gabfest is one of those rare podcasts that has endured for years and developed a devoted following. There are three hosts – each successful in their own reporting careers – that discuss issues of the day. They are knowledgeable and thoughtful, and you will be better informed about the context and nuances of national political events. The hosts have also worked together on this podcast for a long time and have a lot of fun banter. Be sure to listen for “cocktail chatter” at the end of each program.

“Women at Work” from the Harvard Business Review
Kasia Glanowska – Venture Analyst with MBVF

None of this is thought at the university and most of the scenarios and problems discussed in this podcast will happen to you sooner or later, either on the receiving end if you’re an ambitious woman in a workplace, or you will witness this happening to your colleagues/ friends/ family members. Get some great actionable advice and inspiration from Women at Work.

“Ideacast” from the Harvard Business Review
Grace Hsia – Co-Founder and CEO at Warmilu, Entrepreneurial Management and Leadership Lecturer (ELP and Innovation in Action Practica)

Think of HBR Ideacast as your best friend, the bestest of friends, who is wise and smart and tells you like it is with AMAZINGLY wise advice on professional and innovation and business development and executive questions you are sometimes too afraid to ask at work. How do we navigate politics? How do we build better time management and leadership habits? Ideacast dives in and I love them for it.

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