Entrepreneurs Leadership Program (ELP)



The application process for the 2016-2017 year has closed.

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The Entrepreneurs Leadership Program (ELP) is poised to welcome its second cohort for the 2016-17 academic year. ELP is a new program that launched in Fall 2015 for the top 20 aspiring entrepreneurs at The University of Michigan:

Is entrepreneurship and innovation your career destiny? Do you want to work in-and-alongside leaders who are launching today’s startups (and tomorrow’s disruptors)? Is the entrepreneur’s toolkit more than just ideating, reading, and pitching? Do you want to build a strong network of entrepreneur peers and mentors?

The ELP combines hands-on training from — and access to — experienced entrepreneurs with a paid summer internship at a growing startup. ELP students will experience entrepreneurship.

We are looking for the most driven, passionate and talented students to join this program. Will that be you?

Entrepreneurs Leadership Program Details:

ELP provides deep training and mentorship for a select cohort of entrepreneurial-minded students to develop the functional, managerial, and leadership skills that differentiate the good from the great entrepreneurs. A key experiential component of ELP is a summer internship placement at a startup where students work closely with entrepreneurial leaders outside the university to gain the critical skills and experiences they need to become leaders of innovation and entrepreneurship. Upon completion of the program, ELP fellows pursue opportunities in entrepreneurial ventures as product managers, business development leaders, and founders. Are you among the elite?

Program Highlights:

  • Paid internship placement at a Michigan or Bay Area startup, with senior-level mentorship
  • 3-Credit Entrepreneurial Leadership Course to gain essential skills in preparation for internship
  • 3-Credit Entrepreneurial Action and Vision Course to prepare for entrepreneurial career after ELP
  • Co-curricular training through workshops, treks, and networking with entrepreneurial leaders
  • Direct mentorship from CFE staff, faculty, and external subject matter experts
  • Compatible with Minor in Entrepreneurship and CoE Honors Program



Winter Semester 2017 (I)

Enroll in ENTR 490:  Entrepreneurial Leadership

Entrepreneurial Leadership (3 cr) will provide deep training and mentorship for a select cohort of students in order to develop the functional, managerial, and leadership skills that differentiate the good from the great entrepreneurs. This training is vital to the student’s forthcoming startup internship and senior-level mentoring experiences.

Treks: Bay Area WUST (Feb. 22-25), DTrek (TBD)

Summer 2017 (I)

May  – August 1:  Internships

The Summer 2016 saw members of ELP Cohort 1 intern at the Desai Accelerator, Detroit Bikes, Ford Dynamic Shuttle, IRLEE (Institute for Research on Labor, Employment, and the Economy), MailChimp, OptiMize, Rocket Fiber, Service.com, SpellBound, Techstars, and ZenDrive

Fall Semester 2017 (II)

Enroll in ENTR 490.Y:  Entrepreneurial Action and Vision

Entrepreneurial Action and Vision (3 cr) will serve as a follow-up to the ELP summer internships and will position ELP students for continued progress as entrepreneurial leaders. This course will include three primary elements:  ELP Programmatic Commitments, Topic Focus, and a Capstone Project.

Past Cohorts