WHAT a 12 credit “add-on” certificate in Innovation & Entrepreneurship
WHY to complement your degree with leadership, business, and innovation skills and stand out to employers
WHO all registered and degree-seeking Masters, Ph.D. and professional graduate students from all schools and colleges
WHEN students are eligible to apply for this certificate at any time during their degree; they don’t need to wait for any particular time or event to occur

The Process

  1. Read this entire page. It should answer all of your questions. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, please click here.
  2. Complete a proposed dual/joint degree election form.
    • Click here to view an example of a completed form.
    • This is not a permanent or binding document. It’s a proposed list of courses for the certificate.
    • It can include courses you’ve already taken for your degree! This is called “double counting”.
    • If you haven’t taken a course yet and plan to take it in the future, please put the future term/year you’ll take it (e.g. FA 20)
    • Please include section numbers for any ENTR 599 courses (e.g. 599.021)
  3. Sign: Have the left side of the form signed by a graduate academic advisor, not your faculty advisor.
  4. Submit your application.
  5. We’ll keep you updated via email.


Total Credits

A minimum of twelve credits (12) are required to complete this Program

Double Counting
  1. You can double-count credits between this certificate and your degree.
  2. However:
    • Not more than one-sixth (1/6) of the credits required for any given master’s may be double-counted between a certificate and master’s program.
    • If, for example, your master’s program is 30 credits, you can double-count 5 credits.
    • Double-counted credits must not exceed one-half of the certificate credit hour requirement. In this case, that’s 6 credits.
    • Double-counting is not permitted between two certificate programs.
    • Double-counting is not permitted if the student is pursuing a dual master’s degree—in that situation, all credits for the certificate must stand alone.
    • No undergraduate courses may be double-counted toward the certificate credit hour requirement.
Registration Career/Transcript

At least 6 credit-hours must be earned in the Program under the Graduate Engineering career and counted solely for the Program


  1. Students must take courses from the Program Course Table below
  2. Students must take ENTR 500 to complete the program. ENTR 500 can be taken at any time, but it is strongly encouraged that students take ENTR 500 before any other course
  3. Students must register for at least 6 credits under the Graduate Engineering career
  4. A Program Course Table Core course may be used to fulfill a Program Course Table Elective course requirement
  5. Students are encouraged to petition the Certificate Committee via this form to have non-listed courses count as Elective requirements
  6. Students pursuing the Program will have course registration preference
  1. All courses must be letter graded
  2. The only exception is Entrepreneurship Hour, which is only offered Satisfactory / Unsatisfactory for graduate students

Students must earn a cumulative grade point average of 3.00 (“B”) for the courses taken to complete the Certificate Program


Only courses taken during or after the Winter 2017 semester may be counted toward the Program. Only under rare circumstances will exceptions be made following a petition submitted by students via email to IEcertificate@umich.edu. Students must complete the Program within four years.

Approved Courses

Please submit a petition if you would like to use a course that is not listed here.